never ever do....

… 10 mile+ on a 20".

Never again :o Think I’m ready to die now :slight_smile:

Oh and unicycles can’t go through deep loose sand :smiley:

oh and chauffage :astonished:

I think you mean “chaffage”.

I’m not sure unicycling 10 miles on a 20" would be that much more horrendous than walking, except for the saddle soreness.

It’s one more thing to add to your list of things you’ve done that probably shouldn’t be done by other people, Zippy. Stand proud.

well I’m not keen on chafing :smiley:

But on a good note there are 2 good patches of scenic rocks on the sea front at New Brighton.

They in My Gallery.

for when i’m good enough to try em out :stuck_out_tongue:

But I did about 18 miles on a 20" last weekend! No, ok, a bit less - about 5 miles of walking, 8 miles on-road, 5 miles off-road. The latter was pretty hard given I had 90mm cranks at the time…

Was pretty knackered afterwards, and my quads killed me the next day, but that was about it…

So I have 80mm cranks now (not going off-road on it ever again…) - how fast should I be able to go on a good surface? I can cruise at 10mph or maybe get up to 12mph if I’m trying to go really fast, but no more than that…

You can “cruise” at 10 miles per hour on a 20" unicycle? I don’t believe you.

when i try to go fast my uni rocks from side to side. any suggestions?

Practice. It’s taken me a year to eliminate almost all the wobble from when I ride. Sometimes when I go really fast and get careless I still wobble.

Both of you on a 20"? Wow… that distance would be bad enough with a unicycle each, let alone two of you on just one!



how long did you ride?

You should aspire to do a mile per inch of wheelsize: 20 on a 20, 24 on a 24, 36 on a Coker.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sit on it for long enough and you’ll get there.:stuck_out_tongue:

But, seriously, well done. 10 miles on any unicycle in one day puts you into an elite band of people. (10 miles on a 20 identifies you as totally barmy.)

But of course, we’re not elitists, are we? :sunglasses:

Yay, I’m elite! :sunglasses:

i’m trying to get my stamina up and my muscles will follow, took me around 2 hrs.

I’ve done 50 miles or so on a 20" wheel. That put my crotch and nuts in a special place. It was a Schwinn Giraffe with a 24:13 gear ratio, but still that was too far…

well when i was a little younger i could do around 20 miles at a 20mph average but i just don’t have the legs anymore ya pervs :stuck_out_tongue:

what was even sicker my bro could commute from manc down to where we lived which was like 40mile in jsut under a hour.

im very very confused… zippy can you clarify your above post?

Re: never ever do…

On Tue, 18 Apr 2006 12:05:00 -0500, unisteve wrote:

>You can “cruise” at 10 miles per hour on a 20" unicycle? I don’t
>believe you.

He said it’s on 80 mm cranks. Surely it’s fast, but well possible.

I have sustained 9 mph for a minute repeatedly, and that was with 125
mm cranks. The cadence is then 163 rpm. (This was a measured road
speed, with 3.6% inferred wobble percentage.) With ‘just’ 182 rpm, you
go 10 mph.

was talking about normal bikes not uni’s :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m assuming you’re talking bikes here :thinking:
But even then I don’t believe the one about the 40 miles in under an hour - even a super-human time-trialist could hardly do that.


coz it was more like 25 miles, my bad. Just checked.