Nettle Tea

There are several traditional recipes for this nourishing natural beverage. Here is a favourite of mine:

Cut the fresh young tips of the nettles and put them in plastic bag, exclude as much of the air as you can, then seal tightly. Separately, cut the thick woody stalks of the older nettles and nind them tightly with string.

Dry the shoots and the woody bits in a hot oven for an hour or two. Then put the fresh tips in a blender with some salt and vinegar and blend finely. Meanwhile, cut the thick woody stalks into short sections using a blunt knife so that the fibres are squashed and ragged, rather than cleanly cut.

Place the sections of stalks and the blended tips in a pan with some oil and fry gently before tipping the resultant mixture into a pan of iced water. Bring slowly to the boil, stirring vigorously. Boil for half an hour on a rolling boil.

Add milk and sugar to taste, or a slice of lemon if preferred.

It tastes bloody awful, but it makes you feel so much better about falling full length in the nettles when wearing only a thin T shirt and Lycra shorts. :angry:

That reminds me of a 100m length of trail that is lined on both sides with close-packed Russian thistles. The trail is narrow enough that your pedals brush the thistles. The rest of the path is great, so I frequently brave the Russian thistle passage.

I hope your nettle stings subside so you don’t feel inclined to drink more nettle tea. I suggest jasmine infused green tea instead.

probably better done in the spring, to get the first growth of the year (the recipe, not the falling) - Nettle soup always seem to taste better then, it could be similar if you were a tea connoisseur:)

The question is:
If we do the recipie wrong could we end up with terribly itchy insides?

Sounds like somebody might have had a bit of a nasty UPD. Sure hope it was on his uni and not his 800cc motorbike.

So Underdog hope Mikefule fell off his unicycle, does he? Them’s fighting words.


I can see I need to be much more careful with the way I structure my sentences.:slight_smile: