nested props

While waiting for my new Bedford muni to arrive, I made some new props.

I made 2 sets of 5 sizes, 6", 7.5", 9", 10.5" and 12" high.

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out; each size nests insided the next larger size.

The top pic:
left - a set of 5 inverted to show the nesting
rite - a set of 5 nested
foreground - a 3’ level (size reference)
The bottom pic:
top left - one set of 5 inverted to show the nesting
rest - the other set of 5 props

Nice work and good idea! I’ve been meaning to pick up materials for some sandwich boards, these would be useful to.

A few Q’s:

What is the width of the widest prop?

How much material did it take?

Can you post a pic of the end view?


They look great. I’ve been playing around with suicide mounts with the unicycle standing ‘freely’. It’s opened up a whole new world of running suicide and reverse suicide mounts. I had been propping up the uni in pebble gardens and things like that but then I thought of propping it up on top of a sandwich board, running up, jumping off another one (sitting perpendicular to it), and landing on the unicycle. This worked out really well and was a lot of fun. I’m planning on doing more of these mounts so the other day I made myself a sandwich board to suit.

Sandwich board - side panels -----> Suicide mount helper thingy!

It also allows you to prop up the unicycle tilted backwards to make running suicide mounts easier. Tony and I have been jumping off boulders onto the unicycle and all sorts of things. To do this you just need to wedge something behind the tyre and between the top of the tyre and the crown of the frame. The photos show all of this.

There are some photos of fun applications here.


Man, Andrew! Your cranks are bent!! IS that a picture wierdo, or are those really that bad?

I think you should paint pictures of little Russian girls on them…

Just a thought


Re: nested props

Nice job Duane, and glad to hear you ordered a MUni. I look forward to riding with you again when I am able.


The largets is 12" high and 22" wide.

Dunno just how much material, I was working from construction scrap.

End pic of the prop is below.

Other notes…

I used 3/4" plywood and a 2x4

The side slope is 2vertical:1horizontal. I.e. 63.435 degrees.

I targetted the top surface to be about the width of a sandwich board, so I trimmed the top corners of the 2x4 to make the top surfcae 3" wide. This also gave the side slopes a little better seat against the 2x4.

For nesting purposes, the props had to each be AT LEAST 1 1/2" wider than the next smaller prop (twice the plywood thickness).
I added a 1/4 inch to this, so made each prop 1 3/4" wider than the next.
The props came out ALMOST too snug of a fit.

I used deck screws (#8), and drilled a pilot hole for each screw as I assembled the prop (having two drills helped here: one with drill bit, other with screw driver bit)
I drilled the pilot holes to

  • prevent the plywood from splitting
  • help assure the screws went in reasonable straight


It really is that bad. But it’s mainly the pedals. It’s a bent axle on both pedals, bent right crank, and bent hub. :frowning: