Nerdy Internet problems

Hello all, I’m back. After suffering annoying flow control problems, I just got
my last week and a half of e-mail dumped on me.

I apologize for extra carraige returns and wrong line lengths. I have heard your
complaints, and scratched my head wondering if I have any control over either of
those problems. If I do, I haven’t figured it out yet.

I’m using Chameleon Mail, part of the Chameleon Sampler for Windows. It came
with my “Internet Membership Kit,” and obviously is not top-of-the-line e-mail
software. I’m trying to get Eudora (for Windows) to work.

Sorry to bother you all with nerdy Internet details, but I feel guilty about
sending hard-to-read mail. Anyone out there with advice on what I can do, please
write. I’m also still looking for the utility to decompress the ftp archives
with the .z extensions. Where do I get this?

THINGS NOT TO DO ON A UNICYCLE: Ride 1500 meters in 4 minutes and 12 seconds
right after eating a breakfast of very greasy eggs and sausages!