Neil's BUC Video Entry

Great vid. I love the commentary, and when you landed it, it gave me chills. It just reminded me of my first (base) street tricks. It’s such a great feeling to land something ike a unispin because it opens up a whole new world of tricks. Great job!

Well done I remember learning them and it also took me quite a few goes, I still feel pleased even now when I land one.
Anyone got a link or anything 2nd place for BUC video?

Nice vid, I enjoyed it as well as the many others on here, very inspiring. When I was learning to ride, I found I usually did better right after a break. Don’t know what it is, but for some reason right after a break you think ‘I can definitely do this’ and you do. Keep up the awesome work, and be sure to make more videos to inspire us all!

That was really good. I gave me chills when you landed it.

You really are talented with making movies.

I can’t wait to see your next one:D

EDIT: oh and congrats on learning it in 1 day! (it took me 3…)

I agree with the vid. the reasons i uni is moments like that when i archive something I one never though that I could do.

Oh, and congratz!