Neil's BUC Video Entry

Hi this was my entry for the BUC14 Video Competition.

Video Here It’s about 60 meg. Sound required. This one plays in the browser.

Direct download Here Do a right click and ‘save as’. File name is called ‘BUC14-videocomp.wmv’ as it might try and call it ‘main.php’.

Video came 3rd Place British

Wow I never thought I could enjoy a video where the highlight is a unispin, and there is only one throughout the entire video this much. That was a great video, it was just the right length, well edited, everything was great.

Great job Neil, I loved it!

Very inspiring.

This is such an awesome video! Definatly one of my favorites at BUC! I can never explain why I ride either, but that smile on your face says it all!

Nice one Neil! Im looking forward to seeing more video’s from you!

Rock on!

Absolutely excelent.

Great video! I hope to see a lot more videos like this.

Good idea, make another, will not only please us but might push you to learn something new. You already know but I loved this video, although I can 540 spin and watching a 180 unispin is nothing special to me I still find it very inspiring, can’t explain why, but I guess that’s the beauty of it.

well done mate,


i realy love this video, the look on your face is amazing at the end.

I think it reminds us all about the first time we landed a unispin, or rode past that line on the floor, absoluty amazing.

keep them comming, go learn some more.

well done Neil.

Good job:)
How long did that take you excluding your break, and how long was your break?

Since you were practicing on nice soft grass you could have taken off your wrist braces, w/o nearly as risk of injuring them as on hard ground, and it would have been a bit easier.

…or maybee his perseverance:)

thats was a great video. you looked so happy at the end. reminds me of me when i land new tricks.
that was awesome
good work.

Great video man! I think that is why we all unicycle… just to get something feels so awesome!..

I really like this video a lot. I’m saving it to my computer :slight_smile:

I might make a video similar to this for my 360 unispin. I’ve been trying for the longest time. But I bet if I really set myself to do it like you did, I’d land one.

i enjoyed that so much!

Cheers, I started at about 11.20am (lots of faffing around with the camera etc before that) and landed the unispin at about 5.30pm. Stopped for lunch in the middle for about an hour and plenty of water breaks.

By break do you mean the gave up part? that was about 5-10 mins at about 5.15pm. I landed the spin pretty soon after returning which was lucky!

I am quite sure that by filming myself for the video gave me that extra something needed to have the confidence and the determination to go and do it. At one point I said to myself ‘you can’t give up now you have a video to finish!’

It’s an awesome video Neil. I had a smile on my face all the way through watching it at BUC. It’s something every unicyclist can relate to, that persistance and determination required to nail a skill.

Nice video! This is why…!!!

I love your laugh and smile at the end.

Compare the spot of grass in the beginning of the video with the same spot much later on. Poor grass… :wink:

This video is a keeper.

i forgot to say that its funny that your grass is green at the start, but is turned into dirt by the end.

Great original idea, excellent editing and the only video at BUC that kept my interest (too many unicycling videos seem very similar now). Well done.

NIce JOB!!
That’s just the right attitude.
Set yourself a goal and never give in until you reached it.
But also be patient, don’t rush, you eventually succeed!!!:smiley:
Only 2 times in this live I managed to stand a 180 unispin.

This is brilliant stuff. Nothing spectacular, just special. Everyone knows how that first time landing a trick feels like and that’s what makes the vid so heartwarming.

So when’s the 360 unispin vid?