negitivity in the unicyclist community

this sort of corresponds with mikefule’s post… where is gilby?? we are letting alot of stuff fly around here lately, wayy too many curse words and negitive attitudes. as i search through threads, i always run across fowl language or lots of cold prickly crap going on. i can’t go through a thread without someone dissing someone or getting angry. if you are going to put curse words or put-downs in a post, you can at least blank it out. i also see alot of negative personal feelings being broadcasted to other people throughout the forum, please, keep it to yourself. im sure i stand along with many others on this situation and we would all like to see an improvement among unicyclists in the forums.

I agree.

I’m with you.


hear hear.

i am with you all the way

I belive so also. I also want to mention that you spelled foul wrong. Sorry for the mention but its driving me nuts (like a crazy man)!


I agree too.

Let’s keep a positive, upbeat tone to these forums. And watch the language as well; family-friendly, eh?

I agree also.


I certainly agree with the statements that have been made. Let’s all think carefully before posting, and realize many people read what’s being written here. Please, make these forums an uplifting, non-offensive place to visit. Our image as unicyclists should be the best it can be! Thanks… :slight_smile:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen brotha

I’m with Trip in that I’m gonna take a break.

I, now, am going to read every single post I make before I post it to check(not just for spelling and major grammatical errors) and see what I really am saying and how I am saying it. Alot of times I do get carried away and don’t realise what I post when I do post it.

i agree. people on the forums have been angry lately. sometimes myself included. just take thumper’s advice from bambi, “If you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all.”
tru dat, thumper, tru dat

I think we should go back to being like brothers, when I started unicycling one of the things that drew me in was how friendly you guys were to eachother, that all unicyclist recieved respect and backing in everything they did, now a little kid posts about bc wheels he made and everyone jumps all over him.
I think we need to just chillax and take a breather



I laughed so hard. Thats awesome :smiley:

thumper is one of the wisest beings ive ever heard of. more than a rabbit but less than a god.

I think everybody just needs to get out and ride more. Myself included. @#%*!