needing a 24x3 tube


Anyone have any idea where I can buy a 24x3 tube? I put a small hole in mine. UDC doesn’t have any, doesn’t seem to have any, all the LBS dont have any…shipping from bedford is rediculous to maryland i think. any ideas? thanks


Anywhere you can buy a downhill bicycle…

But, if you can get a ordinary 24" tube, it’ll work for a while.
If there is such a thing. :slight_smile:

I saw that they said “out of stock” but I called and asked and they do have them. They are great heavy duty tubes, Nokian.


I got one from the local bike shop - its worth a try if they sell MTB’s


Why don’t you just patch the tube or take it to the local bike shop and let them put a patch on it?
My mountainb*ke tubes are full of patches :smiley:

Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve have just as much success (lack of pinches and puntures) running a 24x1.5-1.75" tube. Have you tried that? It’s much lighter, where you want it to be light (the outermost part of the rotating wheel).


Any shop that uses the distributor called qbp or quality bicycle products. Most can order from them.
The shop I work at has some in stock and would be happy to mail you one or two.


I don’t like the idea of using a normal 24" tube in a 3" tire. The tube has to stretch too much and gets too thin for my liking. I like the reliability of having a thicker tube and a tube designed for the 3" size.

You can use the standard 24" tube, and some people use it full time in a Gazz, but I’d only use it as an emergency or temporary tube.

I prefer the reliability of using a proper DH tube. I don’t like flats during a ride and so far I have never had one during a ride.

I use the Intense 24x3 tubes. They’re heavier and thicker than other DH tubes.

I have gotten a pinch flat during a ride with my 26x3 muni. It was a DH tube and it was a slow gradual leak. I only noticed the leak the next day when the tire went flat overnight. The DH tubes do their job. I doubt a standard tube would have been so kind.

Most bike shops should be able to order a DH tube. If you want to get them online you could try WebCyclery for the Intense tubes or Go-Ride for the Nokian tubes.

neither do i, thats why i use a regular 26" tube in mine :wink:

a regular 26" tube is better suited for larger overall diameter of a 24x3 tyre. it wont get a thin as a 24" tube in that fat of a tyre. to me its worth the risk of not running a heavy tube. no pinches yet in 4 years.

Good idea, I’ll have to ‘upgrade’ to one myself. :slight_smile:

yeah, it totaly makes sence, ive posted about it before. maybe it sould be a faq somwhere?

I have been running Specialized brand 24 x 2.3/3.0 standard tubes for a long time ($6.99 at a bike shop). They are almost a 1/4 pound lighter than the new* Nokian DH tubes, and I never get flats from thorns or pinches on my Gazz/Sun Dblwide setup. To me this is ideal because the tube is the right size for the tire, and it is relatively lightweight. They are available in Presta or Schraeder valve styles.

*It seems that the Nokian tubes have changed in weight at some point. I have two Nokian Unitubes here both marked MTB 24 DH 24 x 2.1-3.0. One is from 2002 and weighs 266 grams. The other is new, marked 2004, and weighs 339 grams as have other newer Nokian tubes I have weighed. The Nokian website gives a weight of 280 g.
The Specialized tubes weigh 232 grams.

Note that other tire/rim combos may be more prone to flats and may justify the heavier tubes. Note also that the weight of the heavy tube may offset the reason people are running those other tires and rims in the first place.