Needed: Saddle

I have busted my KH seat, and I’ve had it for years, and it was free, and I need a replacement. Anyone have a K1 blueberry seat they want to sell? Or a KH gel? Or something of the like? Or trade for a set of brand new plastic pedals (haha)? Let me know-, or PM on here.

get a CF base

it willl cost as much as a new seat but you wont break it>

it will cost as much as 2! new seats.

It’ll cost just 66.1 % more than KH seat (from, it’s more durable and lighter. So I recommend to buy that, so u wont break your seat again.

Edit: Oh, I just noticed that Koxx-1 Street Leopard saddle cost as much as CF seat base. So new saddle isn’t cheaper at all.

Still looking for a seat. It took a long time to break this one, so I think I’ll still go with plastic, because for the price I’d like a new KH with gel or whatever, as opposed to a frame I’ll have to expand upon. I’ll be getting something in the next few weeks, so any availables I’ll consider.

Thanks for the suggestion

KH gel is hardish
i don’t know, you might like it, it ROCKS for SIF stuff
the other KH seat is waaaay comfy, but not so good for SIF
im carving out my new KH seatfoam, it should make a HUGE difference.

I’m going to order the freeride with foam. Someone told me the gel’s actual gel is like 1/1/2"x1" long. Thanks