Need Video Advice

At the beginning of the previous school semester with my quickly flourishing interest in trials unicycling and my new KH20, a friend and I had the idea to make a unicycling/skateboarding video. This was a good idea until my friend lost interest in it, but even so I found through this an opportunity to make a unicycling video of my own inspired by Universe and One Tired Guy. Another friend of mine caught interest in this and took on the filming for me. While advancing quickly in trials unicycling, we got a lot of great footage of me, as well as some great footage of my friends David Poznanter, Dan Heaton, Kris Hellen, and Scott Bond. At the end of the school year, I madly tried to finish off the video using school resources in a short amount of time. I finished a video, but in the end it was rushed and wasn’t how I wanted it to turn out. So with encouragement from friends, I decided not only to do the film over, but keep filming as well. Now I am awaiting the beginning of new filming after a summer of hardly any unicycling let alone filming, with a different friend and this time in Tucson.

Now, recently I’ve been having ideas about the video. Instead of one long video, I’ve been thinking about taking all of the old footage I have from last school semester and turning it into a short video and possibly later compiling my different stuff into one long one like in One Tired Guy. I have a few reasons for this: I am a lot better now then when I started and even finished filming, I’m using a different, better camera now, and I’m not sure how all of this old footage would work together with any new stuff I film. I thought I would present this to 1. unicyclists, and 2. unicyclists who make unicycling films because you can give me the best advice here. What would work better? Should I keep the old footage and wait until I get enough new footage and mix the two for one long(er) video? Or should I make a short film out of the footage I already have and make something new out of the new footage I take? My main problem is the clashing quality of both my riding and the film itself. It’s tempting to make a short film now and another one later to show my “progression” in trials unicycling. Well, tell me what you think. Feedback is much appreciated.

video advice

What I would go with, is just make one big video with old and new footage. The reason why I think this is because a lot of people do short little videos, and a long one would be nice for a change.
By the way, how old are you and what kind of trials stuff can you do?
I tried to make a trails unicycle video with one of my friends, but he wasn’t commited. I really wan’t to try to make a video myself, but no one around here (washington) wants to film one. Plus I don’t have a camara.


I have to agreee with sabin_a You should compile the footage into one long movie. Another idea would be to show the progress youve made in trials riding. When i started making movies i wasnt very good but now that i am better i still use my old footage occasionally. One movie with different segments is fine if you can tie them together.

Good Luck!!!

i think that including your old footage, because it will show your progresion, you can try and edit it on a documental way, kind of a biography, you can then add coments by people and over done dramatizations, and that way the diference in the quality of the video would actually look cool, hope it helps.

I personally think that as a first movie, make just a short one. Later you can take the same footage and create a longer one. Check out the gallery on this site for some examples of good, short uni movies.
I’m kind of trying to make a movie, but I only have a small digital camera which lasts only a few days on it’s battery, and the battery is fairly expensive. So I’m trying to get my parents to buy a rechargeable one.

to sabin_a.: i’m 16 and i’m nothing to rave about but i don’t suck terribly either…okay that’s a lie i suck terribly. i talked to your friend who i actually don’t know the name of, but she posts on here as unipsychogirl. from what i’ve heard you sound like a really awesome trials unicyclist, hope you get a movie finished.

i have two short video clips on here, one of which is just kind of me practicing:

to bwquimby, unarueda, and James: those are good ideas, thats 's the angle i wanted to use. i could incorporate my old footage and show my progression through trials unicycling using those kind of methods. the other idea though, is that i could compile a few short films and achieve the same kind of thing. like One Tired Guy, but with a twist! you see i’m not an amazing unicyclist and instead of the video being about how awesome i am, like One Tired Guy, i could show how i’ve gradually progressed in trials, and who i was riding with at those times, etc. kind of like one long video, but some of it could be done now, and finished later, also with commentary on the later video.

thanks for the feedback so far! i think i’ll wait and see if anyone else has their ideas to share before i go ahead with anything. plus i’ve been waiting on some video software for awhile now…so…it’s not like i’d do anything anyway… :sunglasses:

u could do it in more of a traditional documentary style
a series of documentaries plotting your improvement
think david attenborough but with a ska soundtrack

actually, a well scripted voiceover pointing out the improvements and how they were attained might be an interesting departure

To zach_jucha.: That was a sweet 6 ft drop! I have never droped that high. I have only droped 4 ft. unipsychogirl’s name is Sara. She’s cool, and a good trails unicyclist too. I’m almost 15 and live in Washington. (not D.C.)


i think any implications to progress in my unicycling in the video would be more subtle then a full on documentary. also, i think i’m going to stick with the idea of making a short film now, and making a new one as i get new footage. i watched some of the old footage and it would really clash too much with new stuff. however, in the end i would compile each short film into one with commentary that would explain everything in a documentary style way.

either way, thanks for your feedback everyone! also, the end result should be kind of like a long movie, but this way i’ll be able to let people see stuff up until that point as well. i like how One Tired Guy is, and i would aspire to making something akin to that style.