Need USA Level patches! Who do we contact?

It is our club tradition to present patches and cards to each member who passes a USA Level, but our club is out of these items. Several of our club officers have been trying for months to contact USA to purchase Level patches and signed Level cards with no success, which has created quite a backlog of riders expecting their patches and cards.

We’ve tried the USA website contacts and even emailed USA members directly but have received no responses at all. FYI: the USA merchandise page is here.

Who should we contact to purchase USA Level patches and Level cards? We need quite a few.

That’s lame. It looks like the new USA web site doesn’t give up any email addresses or phone numbers at all. Of course you could send them snail-mail; how cutting edge!

I get a feeling their contact forms may not be working. Shoot me an email and I’ll supply you with some direct email addresses for the USA Board.

John, are you a board member?