Need unicycle tips.

I’ve gotten alrite at unicycling the past week. i can ride about 1km ( approx) without falling off. i want to try and improve my balance and consistance with pedaling. i keep going fast then slowing down and it doesn’t flow. Any Tips?? should i just keep practising riding and it should just come to me??

Keep a straight back and keep the pedalling consistant. Apart from that just practice. Smoothness will come with time.

Well, these tips may help you somewhat my friend.
1) Keep your weight on the seat, not the pedals.
2) Like 1wheelwonder said. Keep a straight back.
3) Perseverance and a lot of patience.
4) Repeat these steps in your head and you will soon be riding like its 2nd nature. :smiley:

Practice :slight_smile: And as soon as you feel comfortable, try different terrain… dirt roads/gravel, grass, transitions in between, uphill/downhill. You’ll fall off a lot (grass is tricky, it hides the bumps), but the more kinds of terrain you ride on, the better you’ll get :slight_smile:

^^^ I don’t advise under water unicycling though…

I do, just ride a tire full of wet sand and wear a lead belt so you don’t float too badly:)

Why not??? :thinking:

ok thanks everyone for your tips.


when slowing down lean back a little bit:D