need to "pimp" out new uni any suggestions?

my friend is giving me his old norco unicycle. so im going ot try to pimp it out perse’. so if u guys have any suggestions and how to do it that would be great! i want it to be wicked.

Lol, talk to Jethro, i understand he has one particular ‘pimping’ item he wants to get rid of.


Ask jethro. Im sure he’ll be more than happy to sell you some pimp stuff.

What the…hey Dave beat me to it!:smiley: By a couple seconds…

Seriously tho, a nice tyre e.g. hookworm, cool alloy seatpost clamp, chrome seatpost, decent saddle, flash pedals, flame stickers for frame, custom paint job, 112 spoke wheel if you like the lowrider look, any more than that and you might aswell chuck that uni and start from scratch.


Hahahahah forestunifreak, i control your mind!

Suuuure ya do! :roll_eyes:

Flame stickers,yeah.And some sort of red or orange tire.

YOu could put everything on it,water bottle and holder,bell,fender,flags,kickstand,cyclecomputer,HUGE platform pedals,painted in loud colors,

depends on your idea of ‘pimp’.

Like this one:


An extra big fork. When you park, you could lower the frame to the bottom of the wheel, and lock it up.



You can always hook it up with a hands free cell phone kit. A nice stereo system would be awesome too. Just one note, you need two subwoofers, pointing in opposite directions so you dont fall over.


call up Pimp my Unicycle. :smiley: bwahaha!! Actually, i pimped mine out by putting on a flamboyant purple horn and i put green, orange, and pink straws on the spokes. but…thats probably faggish for a guy…unless you like that, then by all means, go for it. :slight_smile:

lol nice i like the horn. my friend suggested the sub woofers, i laughed then and i laughed now… -sigh-

where can you get some spinners…


put hydrolics on it

This wheel says “pimp” - in the lowrider sense of the word:
You’d have to modify it to make it work on your uni.

put a little bell on it, and purple streamers, and those things on your spokes that click as you ride by. and paint it pink with a white tire.

Litter the spokes with LEDs…

You could try to get your uni on:

Pimp my Fahrrad (thats Bicycle in German)


pimp my einrad( thats unicycle in german)

those spinners would freakin’ rock :sunglasses: