need this answered fast. can 20" BMX tire work on a LX?

me and a friend are doing our first perfoemance for little kids at a block party tomorrow at 3 and my f-ing tire just popped on my LX… u think a sports mart BMX tire will work?
i donno if this has been posted b4, nor do i care. im in a hurry, gonna check forum tonight. thanks.

Yes it will. I’ve put up to 2.25 tires on an LX. The Maxxis MaxDaddy seems to be the largest that will fit.

will it work the same as a unicycling tire though? the brand at sports mart is a Bell i think.

It’ll work fine. Different tread patterns behave differently, but all of our 20" tires are 20" BMX tires.

i thought there was a thing about 19" rim and a BMX has a 20" rim so people had to buy tires from unicycle sites…alright, thanks guys.

btw, will it work the exact same ( bounciness, etc.) like the one that came with my LX.

19" is only for Trials wheels.

Bikes had 19" rear wheels long before Unicycles did.

The Maxxis Creepy Crawler, Luna Bike Trials, Monty Eagle Claw, Try-All Sticky etc… are all trials tires that only work on 19" rims.

So the tire is actually damaged and needs replacing? Or is it just the tube you need?

Either way, 20" is what you need.

hey can a 19 in. tire fir a 20in. rim???i want a creepy crawler but im getting a 20 in. kris holh rim.???answer ina message plzzzzzzz!

The KH isnt actually a 20". It say it, but it is actually a 19" rim and tire.

Oh, and guess what? KH unicycles come with the creepy crawler already. Go you! =p

Dude thanks so much…can you look at my vid on you tube and tell me pointers…im in the process of making my new vid but the old ione needs help…just opointers…look up torker unistar dx and the only one is me.

Rims arn’t actually the whole 20"/24"/26" etc. Like you’d think. They measure the tyre within that measurement. I beleive Dale_dale had a discussion about this and found out his 20" rim was actually nearer 15".