Need Sugestions on 29'ers

I have a sun 20 and it is not complete garbage, i love street but im still a rookie, and i use my unicycle mainly to move from point a to b, so i decided that befor i get a better 20’, i will get a bigger wheel, going for a 29’er. i live in Colombia so no UDC (i believe) and a local builder has recently released a 29’er that looks really good but it is a little expensive ( about 300$ usd) so would it be cheaper to buy one and ship to Colombia, or buy the one near me??

I’m glad if you can respond.

here is the local 29’er

I bought the nimbus nomad. It seemed to have the best combination of quality parts for a decent price. I added the KH seat, and after purchase I replaced the knobby with a 2" street tire. I can’t begin to tell you how much that street tire improved the ride. I’ m coming off a 24, and the bigger wheel makes a huge difference for general commuting and riding.

The one you show is quite simple uni. Most probably enough for just road riding, but I think you can get more for this price and if you have possibility to buy some Nimbus 29" uni at a bit higher price - do it. Try contacting UDC Costa Rica, they should be closest to you.