Need street and muni footage!

I’m giving a speech on how to ride a unicycle in about a week and i was wondering if i could use anyones riding footage to put together a little end of speech movie to showcase talents that far eclipse mine, to get people thinking that unicycling is a bit cooler than i alone can make it. I’m mainly looking for street and muni, but anything is great. Thanks so much

Don’t forget to put some video at the beginning of your talk, so people understand what you’re talking about. A little teaser at the beginning, and save the rest for the end. I’m sure some people will be willing to share their footage. For a better choice of what to use, contact the owners of clips you like…

I’ve got some vids up on youtube and Google vids…

Is the longest with the most muni… is short with no snd track.

Give me your email address, and I’ll send you a specific clip or two.

same here. on the weekend im getting some of my new footage from my camera

Yeah, PM me your email and I’ll send you some stuff.
Post the vid here when it’s finished!

Well, the vid was done a few weeks ago and I did my presentation on monday the 5th. I liked the video but, I really didnt like my presentation. It wasnt my best work. Unfortunately I didnt get the presentation on video, but I do have the vid that i presented. it is here. Thanks again to terry and sam.