need stair-clearing help

A few weeks ago, I accidentally cleared a 3-set. I say accidentally because it truly was. I went down the set with more speed than I should have and when I landed, my cranks were in the same position and i hadn’t touched any steps. I would like to figure out how to do this the right way instead of getting lucky all the time. So I guess I would like to ask the better street riders how you line up for the set. Do you roll up to the edge and then ride backward? Or do you just go head-on and time your pedal strokes in advance so that the cranks are right where you want them to be? And if it’s the latter of the two, do you really have your cadence timed 25 feet ahead of you?? Kevin, I noticed in one of your videos (the big one) that you just go head on to those sets and don’t seem to make any adjustments at all, yet you take it and land it just fine. How do you do it?

i personally can gap a 3 step. The only way i can do it easly is if i have a large(long) steps. I get back a little bit ride up next to the begging of the steps and ride until i know my pedals are right. now i dont have to think about it(concince) but i live in lubbock texas and there is not that many 4 steps to try, and im too scared

the most i have gaped is a 6 set, that was scary because on my first try i cliped the bottom stair but i still laned, i tryed it again and landed it.

Just go for it! Thats what I do, I can clear four no problem. Havn’t tried six, and I don’t think there is any five around here. Also try lowering your seat a little to make it easier at first.

oh, you guys are talking aobut rolling hops down stairs. humm, i would guess i could clear a 8-9 set, i can do 7.

Seat even lower? Wow. I’m gonna have to get my pipe cutter out. I thought that lower the seat makes rolling hops harder. And yes, I am talking about rolling hops, not gapping.

Well Im not positive what the question is but I think your askin how do you line up to hop a stair set. If so you go up to where you plan to jump down the stairs. Then you line up your cranks so they are horizontal. Then you push your uni backwards untill your at the area where you desire. Then hop on your uni and go. If you can ride backwards you can just ride to the stair sets then ride backwards. Hopefully this makes sense if not then just say so and ill post a little clip for you.

Also just remember to give it your all because thats all you can give.

-Brian Lundgren

Ride up to the stairs, and hop in place until you’re in a place that would be really good for take-off. then ride backwards from there, and when you’re a comfortable distance away, ride up to it REALLY fast, and lean forward a lot and jump as high as you can with all the speed you can muster, and then land.

I have a problem jumping stairs,too.I can jump 5 easy,but theres this one 5 set thats extra big,and i made it several times,but ended up bending my seatpost on it.
I also got it on video,and watching it,i just ride straight off it instead of jumping.I cleared it by a good 12" though.

You make it sound so easy!

Maybe it is. I’m gonna go practice tomorrow.

For bigger sets or sets I haven’t done yet I ride up to the top step, get my pedals in the right position, then ride backwards and go for it, this means I can be sure my pedals will be in the right position.
For about 4-5 stairs I usually just ride at it from and angle and cut in when I know my pedals will be in the right position, its all about timing and being able to judge when you pedals will be where you want them.
And make sure you actually do a rolling hop, some people just ride fast and don’t hop but just use thier speed to clear the staris…thats just wierd. The most I’ve done is a decent sized 7 stair…but im hoping to try 8 soon.

actually, I think that landing is probably the easiest part… the hardest part would be getting the courage to try it, and going far enough to clear all of them.