Need sprocket for my EBay Giraffe

Trying to find a replacement upper sprocket with 5" crank arm for a
Matthews giraffe.

Wondering if this Miyata SkyCycle sprocket would work:

Anyone have a SkyCycle? Does it take a standard 1/8 inch single-speed
chain with 1/2 inch links?

Where do you buy stuff like this in general? I was looking at BMX bike
parts suppliers on the web but I could not find this particular part,
probably because I don’t know what it is called.

This sprocket will go on my EBay giraffe mentioned in an earlier
(8/16/02) post by billnye (“Congrats on the purchase, Mark”). That
giraffe was not quite as wonderful as it appeared. It seems to be a
modification of a taller Matthews – it looks just like my 6-foot
Matthews except it has been cut off just above the frame, shortened by
18 inches or so, and re-welded. Looks like an amateur welding job, but
at least they got it on there straight. The upper sprocket/crank looks
home-made with the sprocket welded onto the crank arm. Both cranks feel
slightly bent. Needs a lot of work but it will be fun to play with when
I finally fix everything.


Mark Newbold
Montpelier, Vermont USA

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