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I’ve been unicycling for three weeks now and I am getting pretty good at it, but one thing i notice is that i get tired really fast, like I mean i just ride it out of my driveway just a bit and i am already tired. Did this happen to anyone else when they started out?? What am I doing wrong??

Hey, Welcome to the world of Unicycles…Yes that was my problem and still is mine to a point. You did not state what your birthday is? Age has alot to do with it. Also make sure your seat is not to low, that has alot to do with it. Your pedals should be set just about the way they are on a bicycle, lowest pedal with just slight leg bend at knee. Also it takes time and practice. As stated before to build up your endurance in your legs go to the store and use a shopping cart and push this around while riding your unicycle. This also teaches you how to turn…Bye…:smiley: Bye…Keithmj :smiley: :smiley:

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>What am I doing
Possibly you have too much weight on the pedals. Try to have ‘all’
weight on the seat.

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The ability to put most of your weight on the seat will develop naturally as you practice more and get better at riding. In the meantime, enjoy the exercise. :slight_smile:

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That is very common when you’re still learning. Your legs are probably very tense as you’re riding and your legs are literally fighting each other as you pedal. Eventually you’ll be able to relax as you ride and you’ll be able to ride longer distances without getting tired like that so fast. It just takes more practice. Concentrate on relaxing your legs as you ride and keeping your weight on the seat.

I’ve only been riding a few months myself and I know exactly what you’re talking about. As John said, when you become more relaxed the on the uni, it will become less tiring. I did a 7 mile MUni ride today and after riding 2/10 of a mile to warm up (while waiting for everyone else to get ready) I was huffing and puffing. One of friends even remarked “is that thing really that much work?” After everybody got on their mtb’s and we took off, I relaxed a little and had a helluva good ride!!! Be patient, your time will come, and all of a sudden, you’ll be rolling out the miles with ease!!!