Need some help!!!!!

I am sorry if this post has already been posted, but I need some help,
I have been reading some older post and some research and I am now in love with the unicycle,
I am in a dilemma, I am trying to save money for a car, but I don’t want to spend a lot on a bike or have the burden to carry one, and skateboards don’t really seem that useful that and long boards,
so I looked up unicycles, and I love the idea, its unique and it helps you with balance, I am also an inspiring actor, and I love the price, and they are easy to take care of,
so after watching youtube videos and research more, I am ready to buy one, now the question is which one,
I live in Colorado, and its changing to winter, so I am looking at a municycle, just so I can ride on the snow and dirt trails as well,
and I was looking at the “Torker Unistar DX” 2011 which looks awesome, but it is a 24" wheel, is there anything like it that is a 26" wheel, thats my golden size, I researched sizes and it seems a 24" is ok, but not as fast as the 26" and the 29" is an overkill for short distances and or around town, is this true,
also I know Im suppose to go with a 20 or 24 for beginner, but the way I learn is the harder it is the better,
I taught myself tennis through those old wooden rackets, and then I moved to a pro racket with no problem, and thats how i like to learn

Some people have learnt on 36" wheels so if you are confident I can’t see 26 being a problem.

If you want something on par with a Torker DX in the 26" size I would look for a Nimbus Muni with ISIS hub.

I wouldn’t discout the idea of going with a 29 if you plan to primarily use it on pavement, they can be a bit of a handful on the trails though if you aren’t used to them.

While I wouldn’t suggest any of the sub $100 unicycles there is nothing wrong with the slightly cheeper models like the Club or Torker LX for learning, cruising around town and light trail use. Perhaps you should consider those as well.

I actually commute on a 29" uni and love it. Most of my rides are under a half mile, and I have plenty of mounts/dismounts. I ride it to school with a backpack and briefcase. I am fast enough to keep up with the bikes (I live in a bicyclist community), and I do not feel like a 29" is an overkill at all. I am really glad I have it instead of a 26" unI because I ride it constantly.

That being said, I did NOT learn on a 29". I learned on a $70 24" that is still rideable almost a year later with a new seat and tire. I am really glad I learned on a 24" and not a 29", but never ride the small one anymore because I have the 29" that took it’s place.

Learning on a 29" would be hard, 26 would be okay, a 24 would be better, a 20 is most common.

You may think that harder is easier for you, but that was in sports very unlike uni.

Learning to ride a uni is far and above harder than anything you have known.

Sadly, 99% of the people who try uni will not learn to ride, then of that 1% probably 90% never learn to ride proficiently.

I’d suggest starting with an inexpensive 24", then when you are riding well, consider getting a 26 muni and see where that takes you.

Because a uni is not as versatile as a bike, you’ll find that sizing a uni for the intended use leads to having more than one.

I agree with him ^ and if you start on a cheaper one u won’t worry about scratching it up and stuff which will make you more willing to try things, but if you want to go the nice route look for a track monster, its only a 24" but you can get em for pretty cheap. Good luck :sunglasses: