Need some help with shin guard sizing

So I’m trying to learn to bunny hop to jump up on curves for commuting. I’m interested in SixSixOne riot shin guards (no knee). I’ve never shopped for shin guards before, never worn one.

That being said, I’m having issues finding the right size, a bunch of websites are showing me different measurements and their official website, none of them are for shins only.

I’m just confused right now so I’d appreciate some help sizing.

My shin length (from ankle to right below knee) 12 to 13", 11-12" would be fine since I wouldn’t want it hitting the bottom of my knee or anything. I just need it protecting my shins and be at the smallest comfortable size.

Calves are: 36cm or 14 inches

Ankle: 21cm or 8~ inches


I don’t have the Riot’s, but I did have 4x4’s and so that’s where I’m coming from.

I think that the length is much more critical in a combined knee/shin guard. I had 4x4’s that were sized according to the sixsixone site, and they fit fine until I rode for a few miles. They would slide down and the knee ended a few inches low. I was about to cut the knees off when I got a good deal on some Roach pads, and so I sold the 661’s.

So, I would fit the girth, and let the length do what it’s going to do. Since they don’t have the knee attached you don’t need to worry about having it in the right place, and your shin will be covered whatever size you end up with, as long as you can get it around your legs.

But if the length of the shins is too long wouldn’t that be bad? (EDIT: assuming they don’t slide down like the 4x4)

I’m having issues finding the listed measurements for each of the size available for that shin guard.

EDIT: So my thoughts is that unless I have giant mountain man calves, it should about stretch and cover the average typical size like mines? I’d still would appreciate a better sizing though, if it was so universal there wouldn’t be so many different sizes, I would think…?