need some cranks

where can i buy some 135(ish) cranks that would be compatable with the Koxx White widow?, and should have them, if they aren’t on their website I would give them a call and see if they can get them, they should be able to. O and may have them if you called.

I think the Koxx one “135” street cranks might be compatible. They’re exactly 135mm. :roll_eyes:

Thats the only crank that will be compatible in and around that size.

are those on the koxx site? i have dial up and it takes to long to load so all i had to go on was wut i saw on renegade juggling…also does koxx ship to the U.S.?

Renegade Juggling
P.O Box 406
Santa Cruz, CA 95061-0406

tel: (831) 426-7343
fax: (831) 426-7344

Just call them

or Division8 at


or trialsin at


Hope that helps. I once too had dialup so I know the pain of sites with lots of pictures and the like.