need some advice on choosing a new uni.

I’ve been seriously riding now for 6 months, and my generic Zephyr 24 inch uni is getting a little creaky. I want to get a new one from UDC but I’m having a little trouble choosing. I wish I could test ride them!
First, a little about me and my riding. I’m almost 200 pounds, 5 foot 10 inches tall with a 32 inch inseam, I’m 39, and I’m an old BMXer with alot of bicycle trick riding skills. I kind of want a uni that can withstand me doing hopping tricks. At this point, all I can do is hop but I do it often and that is probably what is tearing up my existing uni!
I don’t want anything smaller than a 24 incher, in fact I kind of want a 26 or 28 as long as I will still be able to do 1 footed tricks and hopping tricks.

Some of the unis I am considering:

  1. Semcycle XL 24 Black Derby
    Kind of pricey at $289
  2. Nimbus II 24
    Seems like a good deal at $184
  3. Semcycle XL 28
    $214. I like this one as long as it is not to big for tricks.
  4. Yuni 26 Black
    Also kind of pricey at $269 but a little bigger than 24 and a little smaller than 28.

Also, if any of you have recommendations on other unis that might fit my needs. And is it important to have short cranks? My current uni has long ones and it sure feels different to ride a uni with short cranks, especially when mounting! Are shorter cranks better for stability and control?


You can search the thread for alot of options and opinions. Have you considered the Torker DX/24"?
It has a splined hub and can withstand your weight!
I have a 05’ DX and it can stand freestyle and MUni very well!

so you just want a non splined uni that will take a good beating? i would go for the yuni. its very strong and will get a good life span. and shorter cranks are nt better for control. the longer the more controled. shorter cranks are more jumpy in my opinion.

yea out of those uni’s go with the yuni uni;)

A torker dx is nice and strong, but kinda heavy. I think the yuni will suit u best

O.K. what is a splined or non-splined hub? If I go for the Yuni, I would like the 26 inch model. Is that wheel too big for wheel walking and other one footed tricks? I can’t do any of those tricks yet so I would eventually be trying to learn them on this uni. Also, it comes with a wider 26 X 2.125 tire. Are there any disadvantages to a wider tire? My current uni has a 24 X 1.75 tire. Thanks for your replies!:slight_smile:

Splined hubs have a different kind of crank interface that is generally much stronger than the typical tapered hub. Read up on it in this thread.