Need Riders For Tv Feature!!!!!

I need to find FIVE riders for a TV feature that is shceduled to be shot on Thursday, 4/27/05. This date is flexible if we need more time, but I need to find FIVE riders who will COMMIT and REALLY HAVE A DESIRE to participate! The location is yet to be determined, but it will be SOMEWHERE in Los Angeles County, which covers a HUGE geographical area. It may be filmed one venue for Muni, and another for street/trials. Shoot start time is 6:45AM! I will need a mix of muni & street/trials riders of varying levels. You can be a lower level to a level 7 or more. In case I don’t know you already from this forum, or haven’t seen a video of you, tell me about you, your approx. skill level, if you ride only one style ot both, etc. Keep in mind that you will likely be interviewed on camera briefly, so you can’t be afraid to be on camera! I can only select FIVE, but I may want some “stand-by” riders in case anyone can’t make the gig at the last minute, which I hope will NOT happen! PLEASE PM ME ASAP IF YOU WANT TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS TV FEATURE. It will likely run NATIONWIDE! You may also email me at Remember, snooze you lose, so PM me ASAP!:smiley:

That sounds cool, too bad its on a weekday, stupid school:(

I know thats just a typo but thats last year.

its sounds cool but to bad its in la id kill muni

Whoops! You are correct sir! it is 4/27/06!

stupid stupid stupid stupid school:(
id love to go but cant.

Maybe all you guys (and girls) can ask your school to let you do this as a special “Field trip” type thing; or rally together and call for a “national Unicycle day!” Tell the principal that you’ll make sure to put a plug in for the school! There’s ALWAYS a way! :smiley: