I wanted to repost because the wrong date in the original post may have given the impression that the event was last year! So please be note the correct date below. There are also some other revisions below.

I need to find FIVE riders for a TV feature that is scheduled to be shot on Thursday, 4/27/06. This date is flexible if we need more time, but I need to find FIVE riders who will COMMIT and REALLY HAVE A DESIRE to participate! If you not enthusiastic about it, please DO NOT respond! The location is yet to be determined, but it will be SOMEWHERE in Los Angeles County, which covers a HUGE geographical area. It may be filmed in one venue for Muni, and another for street/trials. Shoot start time is 6:45AM! I will need a mix of muni & street/trials riders of varying levels. You can be a lower level to a level 7 or more. You don’t have to be a top rider! In case I don’t know you already from this forum, or haven’t seen a video of you, tell me a little about you, your approx. skill level, if you ride only ride muni, trials or both, etc. Keep in mind that you will likely be interviewed on camera briefly, so you can’t be afraid to be on camera! I can only select FIVE, but they may want some “stand-by” riders in case anyone can’t make the gig at the last minute, which I hope will NOT happen! PLEASE PM ME ASAP IF YOU WANT TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS TV FEATURE. It will likely run NATIONWIDE! You may also email me at Remember, snooze you lose, so PM me ASAP!

I trust they cover airfare to LA? :slight_smile:

Nice try.:slight_smile:

I just sent you an email:)
I really want to do it. Like I said in my email, I can’t commit until I know where it is, it could be 20 minutes from my house or over an hour so thats kind of important.

what station or network is it on? like channel? a news storry?

It’s a major Los Angeles Television station, but I can’t say more than that right now. I can say that the story will likely be seen nationwide on their affiliates. To me, this is a prime opportunity to promote our sport to the masses; I don’t remember the last time (if EVER!) I saw a muni/trials unicycle feature story in a major Television Market like Los Angeles, so this is a BIG opprortunity that I will NOT pass up, even if I end up being the ONLY rider who can do the spot, which would be a shame because I’m not that good and I want other, better riders so the viewers can see the true potential of what is possible! Of course, they are going to be interspersing video(s) segments showing other more experienced riders, and maybe it even some Moab clips, so it will still be a good feature regardless.:smiley:

I live in Orange County, am interested but work may keep me away. :frowning:
I noticed it’s on Thursday, if MUni is one aspect to be displayed where would this be done?

I MUni on my Coker in the OC MTB trails mountain which is far from the city.
Good luck.

While the street riding locales will be a cinch to find, the muni venue is not yet determined. I would very much appreciate this forum’s input on muni trail areas in LA county; It should be MODERATE but not EXTREMELY technical, (to accomodate various skill levels) and since the story will probably only run for about three minutes, they’ll probably only be filming fairly short trail segments that will highlight muni-type riding. It also does NOT have to be ALL ROCKY terrain! I’m thinking maybe Somewhere in the Santa Monica Mountains, or there’s a good Mountain biking trail called “Cheesboro Canyon”, which is near “Dirt Muholland” off of the 101 (N) freeway, at the end of Reseda Blvd. I plan on checking this area out this week.

PS: I have a Coker also, but have never used it for muni…but I could try it! Just another good aspect to show the viewers! Trials, Muni, Coker!

If I can make it I will bring a couple BC wheels too.

I just PMed you about a possible muni trail to film at.

Got it thanks!

Cool. Very cool. Good publicity :)! Good luck guys. I cant come unless Brian wasn’t being sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue: