Need Ride The Lobster Team mate(s)

Looking for a third team member in the UK


I’m game, have sent you a PM.


Russell and I are planning on riding the Lobster together, but we’ve had a few backouts and need one more rider.

We won’t be riding to compete, simply to have fun and finish. Can you imagine one day telling your kids you participated in an 800km unicycle race… Mindboggling.

We’re stoked about this race and can’t wait. We’ve already got our support person in place, so we’re just waiting on another rider. PM either of us if you’re interested!

If your willing to ride with another Canadian but from Toronto, I am looking for an entire team. I will be qualifying as well as soon as this snow melts. Let me know. I understand if you are looking for someone from Calgary.

Levi Pounds, age 20, nimbus 36, unicycling 2 years, also looking to have fun and try my best.

Northeast US Rider

I haven’t qualified yet, but wanted to get my name out there. I’m looking for two team-mates who are more interested in enjoying the ride than trying to win. While I am competitive, I don’t think a top placement is a reality (at least this year). I’m planning to qualify the first warm weekend in mid-February or mid-March.

Name: Perry Woodin
Location: Albany, NY
Uni: Coker BigOne
Experience: Started unicycling about 25 years ago. Took 20 years off :astonished: and just got back into it the beginning of 2007. I was a competitive cyclist and a member of the first NCAA cycling team in the country (1992).

Feel free to PM me or just reply to this thread.

Well, I just found out that I am able to do it. I haven’t qualified and I won’t be able to until late March or early April.

Name: Eric Evenchick
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Uni: 29" for now, Coker soon.
Experience: I’ve been unicycling for 3 years now. I first started when I met Ryan Atkins at a bike camp. I started with trials but now I really enjoy MUni and I’m getting into touring.

I want to push myself with this event, but I’m more doing it for the fun and as a personal challenge.

I’m willing to form a team with riders from anywhere of any age and experience.

The best way to contact me is email. My address is .

I haven’t qualified yet, but I plan on qualifying in the next few months. I don’t have much, or rather any experience with 36ers, but I’m planning on getting one soon to qualify and race.
I have done some road biking for the last two summers to get me from town to town in my area. And I feel that will help my stamina while big wheeling.
I want to be in this event for the competition and to have a bit of fun along the way. I will be dedicated to the challenge and give my all.

My information
Name: James Spurling
Location: Tottenham, Ontario, Canada (about an hour north of Toronto)
Current unicycles: 19" Trials, 24", and will be getting a 36er in the near future
Experience: Unicycling since August 2007, road biking since 2005 and in an hour I usually cover about 20-25km (bike).

Looking for two riders and one support, I’m looking for riders that are somewhat experienced with road uni or road biking.

Contact me by private message on the forums or “NeoPhreek at gmail dot com” if you are interested.

Thank you,

Vancouver rider

Unfortunately my planned team has been decimated by injury and problems getting time off, so now I find myself solo. I completed my qualifier back in October, so I am ready to sign up, I just need a team!

My qualifier -

Name: Todd Sankey
Age: 39
Email: tsankey ‘at’
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Rides: Coker, KH 29
Experience: I have been entering endurance events for 20 years, including marathons, cross-country, swimming, triathlons, and an Ironman. I got into unicycling in 2006 as a way to excite my kids about riding and not worry about falling. I got totally hooked. I have been commuting by uni pretty much every day for the last year and a half. Whenever I can, I work in at least a little extra into the ride, so I manage about 100 to 120 km per week. I also get in about 50 km per week of running, so my cardio is good. I will start ramping up the mileage in the coming weeks in preparation for the race.

That said, I am equally happy to be part of a team mainly out for the experience, or one that wants to push the pace. It would be fun to find local training partners, but also cool to be part of an international team.

Just a reminder - the rules state that you all need to be from the same country (although exceptions of course are made for countries with a small number of riders and also we’re relatively loose with the definition of being “from” a country).


The rules changed at some point last year to say “While teams should be from the same country or geographic area this is not a requirement.”

Joe (on a team not all from the same country, but all people I’ve ridden with recently, and certainly not cherry picking the fastest riders in the world or anything!)

Yes - sorry I didn’t mean to state it’s a hard requirement that everyone is from the same country. It’s better for the riders though (easier to get together for practice) and may look better to the media.


I would like to find a team. I’m not qualified yet, but I’ll do it for sure as soon as the snow melt.

I would like to do it for fun! And I won’t give up until the end of the event.

I’m a girl from Montreal, Qc, Canada. I learned unicycle 3 years ago, I’m 28 years old. I don’t have car, so I used unicycle every day since I learn it. I have a Nimbus 36" and a KH 29".

I asked for teammate in Montreal city, but the only person that has some interest for the ride finally don’t want to come (always changing his mind). I need to find the entire team. I don’t ask you to be already qualified, but just want you to be sure of doing it (as I will do).

Anybody would like to go with me to have fun in Nova-Scotia? That’s an event that I can’t miss!

Hey Véro, I’m there too. :wink: But you know I’m already on another team…

Try getting in touch with Joyce (from Laval). Last time I spoke to him he really wanted to do it!


:roll_eyes: I didn’t talk about you!!! It’s Julien that always changing mind!
I hope to see you at the race and maybe before to train a bit. Thanks for the info about Joyce, I’ll send him a mail as soon as possible.

Searching last Rider (from Germany, Austria, Swiss or maybee Netherlands)

We are searching a rider to complete a Team from Europe.
At the Moment the team is build by:
Jan Logemann, Remscheid, NRW, Germany
Arne Tilgen, Essen, NRW, Germany
Holger Summer (support), Wuppertal, NRW, Germany

We hope to find a rider next to our hometowns, so we would have the possibility to ride together.
Christian Hoverat ist maybee the missing rider, but he don´t know it at the moment (but it looks not good for him). We will do the qualification ride in the middle ob february.
So we have to look, for a possibilty when “Hovi” failed. Are the any Riders searching for a fast but funny team?

Sorry for my bad english, so again in German:

Wir suchen einen Einradfahrer um unser Team aus Europa zu vervollständigen.
Im Moment besteht das Team aus:
Jan Logemann (Fahrer), Remscheid
Arne Tilgen (Fahrer), Essen
Holger Summer (als Begleiter), Wuppertal

Wir hoffen eigentlich einen Fahrer aus der Nähe unsere Heimatstädte zu finden, damit wir auch vorher zusammen ein wenig fahren können. Christian Hoverat könnte dieser dritte Fahrer sein, er weiß aber noch nicht ob er Urlaub bekommt (und es sieht eher schlecht aus!)
Den Qualifikation Ride werden wir Mitte Februar absolvieren.
Nun suchen wir also eine Alternative, für den Fall das Hovi definitiv ausfällt, gibt es da noch Fahrer aus den genannten Regionen, die Interesse hätten?

einfach melden:

arne (at)

Room for 1

My brother has been training for the Lobster and just had both of his teammates quit. I’ve joined the cause despite the fact that I don’t even have a 36" yet and I’m fairly new at uni but what’s the big deal? It’s only 500 miles. . .

We’re more of a “fun” team with a competitive edge. We’re located in the Carolinas and would like a local teammate is possible.

Four months and counting . . . Any takers?


Looking for a team

I am looking for a team that needs another rider for RTL. I plan to qualify on my new Nimbus 36 in the next couple of weeks. I live in Maryland. While I am new to the 36er I have been riding unicycles for many years and also have extensive experience with long distance bicycle touring, training and commuting. I am very excited about RTL and will work hard to prepare for it. Send me a PM if you have a slot open. Thanks.

I’m a Nova Scotia based rider looking for a team and support person. I’m entering more for fun and the experience, but I still plan to push myself as hard as I can. I’ve been riding for just under a year and have little experience with distance riding, however I do plan to order a Nimbus 36 and use any suitable weather between now and June to train as much as possible. Obviously, if you are on the Canadian east coast that would be helpful, but I’m willing to team up with whoever will give me the chance. Best way to get ahold of me is through email:

Currently looking for a support person, preferably inside Ontario, Quebec or states just south of ontario. Even if you are not from these areas, contact me and I’ll discuss it with my team.

Contact neophreek (at) gmail dotcom

Looking for Team mates

I have not yet completed my qualification run but expect to be able to complete after the snow melts AND my new Nimbus 36" arrives.

Name: Todd Legere
Location: Fredericton New Brunswick
Uni: Bedford 29" and new Nimbus 36"
Experience: Started unicycling about 20 years ago. Periodically road on and off till 2006. I purchased 29" a in 2007 and fell in love with unicycling again. Longest ride so far is 54kms. And commute to work daily (Spring, Summer, fall). Ride intermittantly during winter.

Looking for a qualified rider

Our third team member has dropped out and we are looking for a qualified team member. Two of us are qualified and have already submitted our registration forms. One of us in from Maryland, the other is from Nova Scotia.

There is still time to get the RTL jersey if we get your registration form in right away. Please send me a PM. Thanks.