Need Pictures

I have some dream collage to do for school. I need pictures of unicyclist. I need the pictures before Tuesday this week.



old folks.jpg

I want pictures of people doing cool tricks.

Are you kidding? If those guys can play their instruments while widing, i’d say thats a VERY cool trick

Re: Need Pictures

Better start scouring the Gallery then, there’s loads in there…


I cant find many cool pics. Does anyone have pics of cool trial or street tricks.

A lot of cool pics in this gallery:
and of course this one:
a few street pics:

You don’t need pictures. You only need one unicycling picture ever.


I’ve actually thought of playing tuba while riding!!! not that I could right now, although I can ride, and play tuba. It’s kind of a bummer to see that it’s been done, but cool to see that it can be done, that is one of the coolest pictures i’ve ever seen : )!!!

People have been creative for a long time.

Check out
The image on the main page is awesome. Also look at his pictures, there are some great MUni and trials ones.

wow I rode a tuba and played… I rode to band one day and got out my tuba and tried, it was alot harder than I thought it would be, btu I rode for like 100 feet


cool! go Issac!!!

Hey I looked at that KH picture, he doesn’t have very good posture, your supposed to keep your back straght, baddddd example! Just kidding, very nice picture : )

how bout this one?


oh, and i’ve thought many times about playing my guitar while unicycling

i never realized how sexy harper was…

Don’t encourage him.


That picture is so awesome. Seriously. I’ve had it bookmarked since I first saw it posted. And now, to honor the awesome harper, it goes in the signature.

Harper, please! Think about the children!! They’re scared!! :smiley:
Okay. Skunkman definitely go show that pic of Harper to your mom and put it in your presentation (or what it was?). Well, don’t show it to your mom. She’ll never let you near the computer again.

Harper, I was just wondering. Where can you buy clothes like that? I want to buy one of those for next summer and put it on everytime I go riding. Or maybe I’ll go with womens bathing suit :). You should definitely come to Finland so we could go riding together dressed like that.

Re: Ack!!!

same applies to me : I want to buy a “cavalry” tuba
these go around your body (just like a sousaphone) so you can
play with one hand and use the other to balance.
(these were built for the mounted bands… but there arent’t
mounted bands any more!)

the real problem is with the trumpet when you know how precise
you should be with the mouthpiece then this is really difficult!

bear (tuba and cornet player)