Need Photoshop help

I’m putting together a website for the Black Hills Muni Weekend this summer (June 26-27). I have some images I want to combine for the homepage–and maybe for a shirt if people are creative enough.

Below are the images: Mount Rushmore, Teddy Roosevelt, and a unicycle. My goal is to have Teddy riding the unicycle–but without his gun.

Have at it!!!

Feel free to find better unicycle images if you can.


David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD

unicycle for eyeball.jpg


theodore roosevelt.bmp (48.1 KB)

Mount Rushmore

First you need to get rid of the background in the teddy and the unicycle picture
then you might wanna try using the magic wand to get rid of the gun… but then you wll need to edit his hand so that it looks like you didn’t edit it…hope this helped

I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear. I don’t want coaching on how I can combine the pictures. I want to see if I can interest one of the many photoshop geniuses out there to do it all–and to add a level of creativity that I just plain don’t have.

My problem isn’t technical, it’s creative.

Think of this as a contest!

I kind of fixed the Teddy so he’s not holding the gun. But I’m bad at this and I was using MS Paint, so his hand looks somewhat deformed. Oh well.

theodore roosevelt.bmp (48.1 KB)

David, you could try inviting John Hooten to do an illustration from scratch. He did the image on the 2000 and 2002 MUni Weekend shirts. I can send you his email address if you don’t have it. I don’t know how much forum reading he does…

Where do you want the unicycling Teddy on Mt. Rushmore?

Or Mt. Rushmore could be in the background–or you could lose Mt Rushmore all together. I’m really open to people’s ideas.


Will we be going here?


I’d say if your going to photshop anthing together and want it to look as it its an original, your going to need different pix to start with. Getting rid of the gun isnt hard, getting the ammo off his waist might be a little more tricky. The other hard part is to get his feet on the pedals so that it looks like hes riding. Of course thats after you already have a unicycle picture that looks like its part of the original teddy pix.



the experiment was a failure. I am next to dead tired after my exams so I will end this fun here :slight_smile: Perhaps I will perform some plastic surgery on his left leg tomorrow since it clearly seems that I took off too much…

here it is


Is this kinda what you were looking for? I still have the Photoshop file saved so if you need me to change anything or just to clean it up i can…

teddy copy.jpg

Wow!!! I’m extremely impressed.

This group is a deep reservoir of talent, not just weirdness like everybody else says.

I love this community.

One last request. Can Teddy be holding a sign announcing the

“Black Hills Muni Weekend June 26 & 27 2004”


Anything else?

teddy copy.jpg

C’mon, George! Turn that frown upside-down!

teddy copy.jpg

Oh Yeah! Put a fork in it, we’re done!

I’ll let everybody know as soon as the site is up.

Thanks again,