Need pedal help!!!

Hey everyone! I got my uni about a year ago and am now that i am fairly good, i would like to uprgade to better parts. During the ohh so painful learning process, i totally wrecked my orignal pedals and now need new ones. If anyone has an opanion of good quality pedals for a “good” price i would greatly appricate it. Thanks a lot from your friendly Mister Cookie Face!

Odessy twisted pro are good, (i have some) because they are cheap and have replacable pins. If you don’t want metal pedals, then I don’t think I could help. in case you wondered, the pins help a ton to keep your feet on the pedals. Check here: here they are at

I would go with Odesey Twister Pro Peatal. I have got a pair. They come in many colors. I got mine on

has anyone used block 8’s before?