Need Parts!? Help! Tube, Odyssey Pedal Pins, and Seat Screws

My unicycle has gotten quite a bit of use lately. Now it just needs some tlc with new parts.

I am looking for an extra tube for my KH20 and extra pedal pins for my Odyssey Trailmix pedals.
I think I would enjoy shorter pins if I can find them. :thinking: I’ve heard you can get them.

Where can I get an extra trials tube?
Where can I get odyssey pedal pins?

Also, I was wondering if these new pedals would be about the same price as getting new pins:

And should I pay the $6 plus shipping or try to find these saddle bolts in a hardware store?

Thanks for your help!

Trials tubes are sometimes hard to find, but any good LBS should be able to order one for you. For the pedals, the Odyssey Twisted PCs are amazing, really grippy for plastic pedals but still not as grippy as metal pedals. For the pins, bring your pedals to your LBS and ask if they have some pins that could fit your pedals.

Thanks! You are awesome! I will definitely go for those. In my research, I think they will be perfect for my flatland riding.

Should I just get the saddle bolts at a hardware store?

If you are ordering other stuff it isn’t a bad deal but if that is all you need I would just go to the hardware.

I got a bunch of nuts and bolts when I did my CF base and the bolts were something like $1.20 a piece.