Need opiniuns on a qu-ax unicycle plz!!

Hi im bored of my crappy first unicycle i have and need some opinuns on a qu-ax unicycle LINK TO THE UNICYLE:

Please could anyone who owns or knows of this unicycle give me any information on it please???

Thanks Jaymz

well thats a good first uni, but its not really an amazing uni apart from that… It depends what you want to do, freestyle, trials, street, commuting/distance…

look at

but honestly those unis are ok but nothing great compared to a learner uni…

I would go with this unicycle.
good cheap splined uni that is very strong.

well yeah if ur gonna do trials/street… but its overkill if u wont…

although if ur at all serious i would recommend splined… its so nice…

I second that. I just got this unicycle a couple days ago, and it is sweet.

I don’t have an opiniun.

and i …third…that. I have this unicycle. It IS indestructible which is great for learning…and trials. Its a tad heavy but shouldn’t interfere with your riding. Its also incredibly sexy looking in person.

Hey, I was looking at the Qu-Ax 20" Cross with the ISIS hub. How strong is it compared to other splined hubs?

I’ve ordered the cross from Oddwheels- It should arrive in a weeks time. I’ll write up a report then if you are still interested.

id go with a nimbus trials there cheap light strong

no way, at least the qu-ax has a splined hub. It might not be a full reinforced huib but its going to be better than a normal square tapered hub like on the nimbus trials.