Need new trials tricks! =\

I’ve seen a lot of threads about what trials unis to buy but i need help with skills and tricks now. I bought a Torker DX and i can do the really basic stuff like jump off of picnic tables and that…but its getting boring…so where do i go from here???



Jumping up that picnic table? Takes a lot of practice to get a high hop, but is well worth it.

you go wherever your imagination takes you. you don’t have to ride pure trials, you can add street, flat, freestyle, or whatever to it.

be creative. look around you at what you have to ride and vizualize different lines, push your limits.

i can take something like a curb and make it interesting. i can distance forward hop onto it. i can lateral gap as far as i can onto it, and then tuck my seat under me and ride it. i can hope onto it, ride along it, turn around on it and ride back the other way. i can ride backwards onto it. i land a 180 onto it, and 180 out and continue riding along the pavement. I can fakie rolling hop onto it. fakie hop off of it. fakie 180 onto or off of it. I can go for a distance sif 180 static gap onto it, and from there maybe try riding along it. I can try to 1-foot ride on top of it. I can try to still stand on top of it by both sitting or standing.

if i was a street or flat rider i’m sure so much more could be done with a ‘boring old’ curb.

skinnies, gaps, ups, grabs, eliminate set-up hops

trials doesn’t have any real tricks, just try harder and harder lines

ok…that helps more…i get what you are trying to say about just experimenting and stuff…thanks

try it rolling. doing everything static is too tedious and boring for me. i like rolling up to something and just jumping it, whether it be over, through, into, off of, or grabbing it (pedal or crank grab). thats my just my style though. keep it what you want, make it interesting, don’t let anyone tell you how to ride, but if it sounds like fun, give it a shot.

I love doing 180 unispins down stuff in my trials lines. (see my avatar or Chicago Uni 3 for the whole line)

i think he means like crank grabs, pedal grabs, and skinnies over street tricks.


Yep, but try…

  • jumping up stairsets
  • jumping down stairsets
  • Running up and down them.
  • Hopping sideways across them too.

w/ a set of stairs you can do all sorts of stuff. Hop/down 1,2,3, etc at a time (I saw someone rolling hop up 6), gaping, 180’s, all static, prehop, rolling, SI, SIF. Get creative w/ combining them in different ways.

I saw someone roll up 3 stairs on a trials and like 12 on a Muni (24" I think).

Trials class system

Just wondering…i dont want this to sound stupid or anything but…what is the difference between Trials, Street, Flatland, and Muni???..I know muni is rough terrain unicycling…but i was just wondering how they differ.

trials: obstacle courses, high hops long drops, skinnies
freestyle:usually done on a basketball court or something. standup tricks. gliding ect.


What is Flatland then?

flatland is kind of like street but you just hop around on your driveway and do different spins, flips and such.

watch this for a better explanation

Flatland is crank rolls and combos on flat ground. Ex Go from one foot wheel walk to 360 unispin to crankroll to hop on tire to side ways wheel walk.

lol ur stupid 2 think that but its tru dat most flat vids in uniccyling are dun like that it sucks. cos my brother is a near pro bmx flatlander and is way mor imprssive than hoppin on ur drivway; he laughed so hard wen i show him some uni flat vids

danni got it rite

Boring. (Unless you’re really good).

Coming from a unicyclist who likes to flip a wheel. Why don’t we all try and get along? Holly shit. Most sports look boring when done by newbies.

Don’t be so dogmatic.