need muni picture

i need a picture of someone doing a drop off a ladder on their muni. I need it for my the t-shirt design I am making so if anyones got one please donate just post the here

you can probably find a good one here if you look:

dont worry been there already lol. there is one but the picture is not good to work with

Oh come on, Brock! You live in frickin’ Vancouver of all places, near the North Shore, at that! Just go riding and take the pic.

Seriously, I think you’d be best off getting a pic of yourself, but if you want I’m sure I can get a pic of me doing a decent sized (higher than camera lens height) drop on my muni, just no ladders. I’ll post it if/when I get it, if you’d likle.

Yeah, I too have photos of drops in a muni context but without a ladder.