Need mountain uni for 8 year old

My son is 8 and he is riding a unicycle like mad. He has started riding singletrack with no brakes and a street tire. I would like to get him something appropriate. What do you all suggest? A 24 with the seat tube cut all the way down? Brakes, no brakes? I am in Colorado USA. If anyone has a used uni that fits the bill, I am interested. Please email me at Thanks!

If you can let us know what his inseam is with his shoes on, you’ll get some good advice from others on the forum. 20" trials unicycles make perfectly good mountain unicycles for kids, FYI.

Yes and won’t be wasted when they eventually do move to a bigger uni for off road and take the trials uni to the skate park.

Where are you in Colorado?

I have an Impact 20” that I may sell. I’m in Longmont.

Inseam 24 inches. What size 20 or 24?

His inseam with shoes is 24 inches.

What do you think about brakes? Necessary?

Will be near Longmont this weekend.

Hi. We are in Salida, but will be in Berthoud area Saturday and Sunday mornings this week for a wedding. Please email me a photo and details at Thanks!