Need more ideas: Attatching BC plate to axle.

Well, iv struck a bump in the road when it comes to my new disc bc plates.

My new hub has a 20mm axle. Now this isnt your normal threaded bike axle, it is just a peice of metal tubing. So i need a way to attatch my plate to the axle.

instead of typing up a 10 page distription on requirements, specifications and demensions, I made this little animation

In the video youl see the hub, the axle running through the hub, and the small peice of tubing that fits over the axle.

Here’s the kicker, How do I attach the moving piece of tubing to the axle, securely, and strong so that the plates wont twist?

maybe an allen bolt?

or weld it…

I forgot to mention removable.

How would an allen bolt work? Do you mean a pinch bolt?

wow…how’d you make that animation? it’s nice.

does the “small piece of tubing” that fits over the axle have to rotate around the tubular axle? or can it be attached directly?

another way to phrase this would be, where are the bearings? what spins and what is fixed, as I have never seen this kind of hub before.

no, i meant a bolt, just through the tube to the other side.
or am i completely misunderstanding how this is going to work, and would that not work for what you’re doing?

is the tube hollow? and how thick is the metal?

The bearings are in the hub, the axle spins freely. The plates need to be fixed to the axle so they dont get skewed.

.091 steel

a bolt all the way through would work, but that bolt and set of holes would have to be damn perfect for there to not be any play.

waht is the black peice of metal? does it represent the BC plate?

would it be possible to thread the axle then?

Cant have bolts, one of the purposes of these plates are the boltless design.

hmm. what are the black things in the animation though?

things? There is one black tube moving onto the axle and off the axle, that peice needs to be secured to the axle. The purpose of this thread is to find the best way to go about doing that.

Do you mean the hub or that tube?

oh. I didn’t understan it. hmm, gorilla glue it? how removable would that be?

tap the tube and use a set screw to hold it onto the axel?

Uhhh, when you are flying down a hill at 20mph you want more than glue to keep your plates from flying off and sending you down the face of a cliff landing on big jagged rocks then being attacked by lions.


Good idea only if the tube were thick enough, you wouldnt get more than a thread in before your out the other side.

did yoru BC come then?