need more durable pedals

Now that I’m able to grind, I’ve been doing a lot of it lately. I curently have a pair of Redline pedals with non-removable pins. These pins keep wearing down. should I get new pedals with removable pins? Should I buy some grind plates? Shoud I buy both new pedals and grind plates?

I say buy the DX pedals off UDC, and a kommando grind plate off danscomp.

the DX pedals have the perfect pin positioning, also it will be much easier to grind with the grind plate, I can slide 10 feet on cement ledges…

How dose the Lexan hold up dose it ware down fast
what are others using to grind. :slight_smile:

Before I got my grindplate, I just filed off my pins and used that side for grinding, worked great on metal ledges and waxed concrete. Now I a grindplate that spudman made and sent to me not too long ago, its very light and slides perfectly on everything!

I havent tried the Lexan plates yet, but im sure they are great.

personally i wouldnt get the lexan peddels, i reckon they’re too expensive and i cant see any real benefit. but thats just my 2c

do the lexan grind plates were down a lot? should i get metal grind plates or lexan?


they slide on everything, like park benches anything!
they dont wear down at all. they counter balance your pedal so that when you mount the grippy side is up. they are not very expensive(I don’t think $10 for a grindplate that wont wear down and slides on anything is very expensive) and they look cool.

Thanks man

They are talking about the lexan grind plates, not the lexan pedals.

Yeah since i use to BMX ive heard Lexans are good, but also what are grind plates, sorry for the question but im wondering, Thanks!

Grind plates are plates you put on your pedal to grind on, so it saves your pedal, and makes grinding smoother.

Awesome, thank you!

they also counter balance the pedal so that the grippy side is up.