Need lessons in Atlanta

My daughter, age 7, has gotten quite good at basic skills (riding forward, free-mount, idling). She’s working on going backward and hopping. She would like to learn a lot more—she is fascinated by watching videos of trials, muni, freestyle, street, etc. However, I am unable to help her much, because I am very mediocre. Might someone in Atlanta be willing to teach her for pay? Thanks!

At that age YouTube and perseverance go a long way :slight_smile:

There’s a unicycle club at Georgia Tech that has regular meetups, and a focus on getting new people into the sport. They have at least a couple of very strong riders, and college kids always need money… maybe one of them could help you out post-virus.

Last I heard their advisor was Paul Foster (professor of Chinese language stuff); he should be easy to find, and could connect you with them.

blimey…someone is doing well for being sevens years old!!

You need to keep working on your own unicycle skills.
Why? So when your kid wants a $700 Impact trials unicycle you can buy it first and use it yourself.
Keep on.

Thanks so much for this excellent advice. I will especially take to heart the advice to immediately buy a very expensive unicycle to get it worked in, so that it’s ready for her use when she’s big enough for it five years from now. Sacrifices must be made for one’s offspring.

I’m on the wrong continent, but you may also want to try asking in the unicycle chat group on Facebook, as there are much more users there then here (and especially the younger people that are more likely to be looking for that kind of work are found there, not on the forums nowadays). MrImpossibles advice is good also, I’d suggest just showing up to one of the Georgia tech meets and start from there.

I’ve helped a mother daughter team in a similar situation as you, whenever I meet them at workshops/unicycle meets/competitions, I’d give them as much input on the “next” tricks to learn, and the mother would write a lot of the advice down. And every time I met them again, she had learned all the things I helped them with the last time. So even if you can’t find anyone to give regular lessons, you can still help your daughter progress by collecting the advice and feeding it back to her.

Thanks for all of the advice. I was able to identify a fine teacher. As Mrimpossible suggested, I contacted the Georgia Tech unicycle club, and they set referred me to one of their members. Thanks again.

Excellent! I had met folks from the GT club at the last couple of STOMP munifests, and I thought of them right away when you posted. Glad to hear it worked out!