Need ideas

Im part of a unicycle club which has been running for 3-4 years.
It’s mixed ages however mostly teens.
This season we’ve lost about 5members(lost interest etc)
Do you guys have any ideas on how to recruit new members especially younger kids.

Go out on the unis and be seen having fun together.

Is there a skate park nearby if you have riders good enough to use it?

Is there a pitch or court nearby you can use for unicycle hockey?

Have you tried jousting? Simple poles with padded ends, and ideally shields made of plywood or hardboard. Everyone who’s ever ridden a unicycle has surely thought of jousting on one.

Simple slalom competitions/races around cones or discs.

Doing these things in public and making sure that you are open to talk to people who stop to ask questions will attract favourable attention to the group.

Have some basic club unis and something to lean on available for people to try (and of course fail hilariously).

Have a display board with the club’s name, website, Facebook page on it in bold font. Have leaflets available.

Have one or two marshals in Dayglo bibs who look like they’re “official” and will attract the questions.

Have an open evening at the club, and advertise it well in advance. Provide refreshments. Leave a clipboard and form for guests to leave their email addresses — and make sure you follow them up.

Remind every existing member of the club to talk about it to friends and to encourage them to come along. Organise a "bring a friend: evening where pairs(one club member/unicyclist and one non-unicyclng friend) can compete in some simple challenge, race, balance games, etc.

Co-ordinate these ideas. Set yourself a simple time table and some clear objectives. How many would you like to recruit? How many would be too many? Age group? How will you achieve these goals?

Speak to organisers of other clubs. Can you pool resources and share ideas? What about joint club events, or visits to each others’ club nights?

Get some T shirts with a simple and bold club logo on them. Wear them when the club members are riding together in public.

You need to look like a club that people would like to join, and you need to make it easy for them to find out how to join.

Good luck.

Cool ideas!


  1. How about getting together to do a ride for charity? Doing it on unicycles could be unusual enough to garner general public interest. Alert the community newspapers.

  2. I used to work gratis with a local elementary school as a master gardener, teaching kids how to garden in their own school plot. The kids loved it. Kids love anything different, especially if it gets them out of class. I think all of our local public elementary schools were involved with the master gardeners, and at least one private one. It created a really good relationship with the community and the kids’ involvement spurred the parents to get more involved with the schools too. Could you do something similar, giving an occasional presentation at a school or local community center?

  3. If you all get together as a group, doing it at a regular time and place that was accessible to people with kids would make it easier to find you week to week and either join up or maintain the curiosity to do so. Say you got together every Saturday at random hour X at a local park; bring some extra unicycles and spread the word that for the first half hour, your group will give a free lesson to anyone who wants one. That will help surmount the intimidation factor for new learners who would never consider trying to learn alone.

Do you guys play unicycle hockey? My local club does a period of skills practise then they play hockey.
Other than that, the Unicyclists should ride on the streets, ride to school. Some other kids will want to join in and learn too.

I take it that you’re looking for beginners wanting to learn too? Does your club have any learner unis? If so, then the main obstacles for younger kids are knowing that unicycling and a club exists and not owning a unicycle/needing to buy one. I put up a sign on our local school with a picture of a unicycle and our practice time with “beginners welcome” and “own unicycle not required: unicycles available”. Of course the best way to recruit younger kids is if a few kids start doing it.

Yes the club does have unis for members to use.
I love mikefule’s “go out in public and be seen having fun”

OH Relay for life has just been in a few towns nearby. I’ll keep an eye out for other charities

At local events in your area (fairs, year-market, schools, …) make sure to be there with “Free Unicycling Initiation”.

In Belgium there is a “company” doing this.
The event organisers typically pay the company to be present but off course in your case you could offer it for free.

The company also offers it as team building for companies or at schools.

Last weeks event in Herne, look for “eenwieleren” :slight_smile: