Need Hub Help

I recently broke my hub and need advice. I tried to purchase a replacement online but found it only to be available on The problem here is that their system won’t allow me to get it shipped to the U.S. I’ve sent them an email and will hopefully know if they can still sell it to me soon.
My unicycle is an Onza 20" trials unicycle:

This is the hub belonging to it:

I’m wondering if there are any hubs out there that are interchangeable that I could use instead. I found this one:
but don’t know if it’s compatible or not. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


The Onza ISIS hub is just an older model Kris Holm hub so you should be fine with the new KH hub you linked to in the your last link.

One thing I’m not too keen on is the fact that the price of the kh hub is almost 300% the price of the other. Maybe I’ll keep looking around to see if there are any cheaper alternatives.

A Nimbus ISIS hub from UDC (USA) would also fit. It’s about half the cost of the KH hub.

UDC UK will give you an email shipping quote. If you want to buy it you complete the transaction via PayPal/email rather than the website shopping cart.

Last time I checked I think I was quoted £9 to get a hub shipped to the USA. If it still ships for that, then the Onza hub (at it’s current sale price) minus VAT + shipping should come in at £32.33, or about $50, total.


I would just get the Nimbus ISIS hub from UDC. They are great hubs with stronger flanges than the old KH hubs.

At $65 it is slightly more expensive than getting the onza hub from the UK but it is a better product and it will arrive much sooner.

BTW, what broke on your old hub?

Well, at first it was the flanges. They were bending quite a bit out of shape. It has been nearly two years of constant riding though, so they’ve served their time. My main issue was a wobble forming where my left crank met the hub. It’s so hard to tell which piece is the one deformed/broken and so I figure it’s best to just replace both the cranks and the hub for good measure. Thanks for all the help guys =)

You can figure out which piece is broken by swapping the left and right cranks; if the problem changes sides, it’s the crank, if it stays on the same side, it’s the hub.