Need Hub And Crank Advice

ya but i didn’t even see u willing to jump down a ledge that was 2feet high :stuck_out_tongue: ok 2 1/2 feet tops lol and i dont just hop down things i just cant hop high enough to get on objects yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Well then why are you all worried about breaking it… learn to hop up things, it looks better.

i rather be able to do both
i like the looks of high drops and i think it takes just as much skill to ride away with ur nuts still in tack as it is to hop up stuff

I think you just upset me. Hopping up things is much more difficult…

I also think, riding away without your cranks bent takes more skill.

:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P well will be able to do both and u be able to hop up things and not get down cause hopping down scary lol:P:P ok tag your it, now ur comment

I hopped down that three set twice fine, haha.

I didn’t hop off that fountain just to bug you. It was probably the same height as a four set.

lol u were scared thats why there was pee on the fountain u pissed ur pants in fear lol, i know i did with the drop i did, A) i’m scared of heights, and B) i always seem to hurt myself good at night in the dark and well C) i had to pee bad from lac of water in me :smiley: ok thats my story

Phil pissed on the fountain so you’d slip off when you pedal grabbed it.

ya i know u were all out to kill me since i was riding better then both of ya… for once :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you didn’t get a Unicycle thrown at you…

no but i almost had my head stepped on well i was laying on the ground and u jumped off ur uni, and phil deleted that pic too

hopping up things looks way more impressive.

ryan atkins hopping up that wall in rails, big moves and more rails was more impressive than any drop i’ve ever seen.

if you dont get the KH 07 hub and cranks, what else is there to get? its one of the best, my koxx hub and cranks have taken a 5 foot no problems.

well thats what i was wanting to find out I hear KH 07 hub and cranks are good but being good dont always mean they will with stand everything thrown their way, and i just wanted to know what ppl think or know would think be better

Doing drops does take skill. A perfect example is in Amanda’s video. Look at the person trying those big drops and just wreck every time.

You gotta know how to roll out, the right form, how to take the force of the landing, or else your just gonna screw yourself and the uni up.

Jumping up things is just as hard, compressing the tire, the right form, tucking, and making the landing.

They are just as equally challenging.

Hopping up a 100cm ledge is gonna be hard, dropping a 10 foot ledge is gonna be hard.

They both look good too, and besides, what are you gonna do once you hop up something? Get off the uni and climb down? Nuh uh, you better finish that line and jump down it.

Thanks Jerrick for agreeing with what i said earler but does this mean stick with the KH 07 cranks and hubs lol

Definitly go with the 07 cranks and hub.

Just think of it this way, if they are good enough for Kh, and to go through his testing, they will be good for you. =p

yeah teh KH07 will hold up fine, but so will the koxx-one reinforced, and also the qu-ax yellow reinforced also profiles (but u probabbly dont want to buy those :P)

put it this way, if those dont hold up to you, then nothing will…

Unless further testing proves this wrong, I believe that KH Moments are the best hub and crankset on the market for these reasons:

  • They're light.
  • The hub itself is thin and wide, unlike Profiles and older KHs.
  • They're cheap; the cheapest splined cranks that I know of apart from the Qu-Ax, which don't seem to be designed as brilliantly.
  • No nubs!
  • If Kris rides this hub assembly, then [I]anybody[/I] can ride it; It's [U]strong[/U].

and this be why i posted the thread b/c i road shit cranks and hubs that bend twist and do a lil dance after i ride all the time

I’m Kris Holm, lets design crappy cranks that break from 5 foot drops, even though I do better than that.