Need Hub And Crank Advice

Ok i was out riding with a couple friends and i thought i have fun so i did a 5 foot drop and well screwed up my hub and crank bad, i need to know if i got the KH 07’s hub and crank if i’m going to twist it and bend it like i did here…

Just incase u wanted to see what i dropped off of well i’ll put the pic of that up too

Uh…definitely not.

looks like the shortest 5 feet i’ve ever seen.

they shouldnt, no.

I’ll get him to post the picture of me standing beside it.

Your ankles will probably snap before you bend those cranks

well i like the sound of that makes me feel better to know i can go for bigger drops and not worry so much

I’m 6’ Tall.

fine you post the pic then :stuck_out_tongue:


How come every pic I have seen of you there is a uni seat in your face?

I like to smell my seat.

Just for you Spencer.

well this isn’t letting me know if i should get the 07 kh cranks and hub! help me ppl they worth it for drops

Hey, this isn’t your… wait yes it is your thread. Die.

Just get Angie to get you the Hub and Cranks, I know you want to.

yeah, get it

ya i more then likely will but still i want to know if its worth it or not since she’s paying and i really dont want her to if i’m just going to break then in a couple weeks cause as soon as i’m all ready to ride again i’m doing that drop to test my cranks out

Obviously they’re going to hold up… yours barely bent from the year of riding you have done, the thick Moment cranks aren’t going to bend from your riding, and definetly not that drop.

ya but i want to go bigger i dont want to stay with that lil drop

Maybe you should try learning to hop UP things, instead of down them… remember that talk we had today at the park?

the one about u going down on my mother, or bend knees b4 jumping so i can get more hight lol

No, the talk about posers who only jump down stuff because they have no skill.