need help

I have had a small unicycle for a while and just recently got back into it
I can ride forward fairly well, and am looking to learn to idle next and then maybe some basic tricks
I’m about 6’3 and 11 stone
I found these unicycles, wonder what you guys think will be the best


I’d say the club.

Never heard of the Indy before but sice it’s the only one w/ splined hub & cranks that seems to be the best choice of the 3. I’d want to know what spline interface it has (looks like ISIS but I count only 10 splines, I thought ISIS had 11)

Ahh, I didn’t notice the splined, :roll_eyes: in that case I agree. :smiley:

Cheers will get that one then

Good luck! :smiley:

Hi abcd

Welcome to the forum:)

You say you already have a small unicycle, is it a 16“?
If it’s a 20”, why don’t you try a 24” or 26”. Being 6’3” on of those would suit you no probs :roll_eyes:

Ah, I see the words basic tricks. Maybe some of our street/flatland/trials folks could help you out here.

Just because it is ISIS I would not assume that the INDY is strong. I would describe it as a children’s unicycle, with your description I assume you are an adult.

The Club is easily strong enough for you and has an adult scale saddle on it. Although it is not ideal to do jumping on (neither is the Indy!) it a great unicycle to learn on.


The unicycle I have atm is tiny and a bit bent it’s taken a beating but did well for 40 quid. I’m sure ita smaller then 16 it is tiny, that’s why I wanted something a bit bigger and think I want to do some basic tricks

For starting out and what I’ll be doing I’m sure all of them will be fine probably, guess I can look at something bigger and stronger if I actually keep at trickss and stuff

Does the Indy have a small seat then?

There is a good chance that it does. I couldn’t see anything on the listing about saddle size, so the only real way to find out would be to find someone who has tried one.

I have an Indy trials uni, and Club 20” and 26” ( I know, YCNHTMU’s) :slight_smile:
The Indy has the same size seat as the Club uni but is not as comfy. The seat post isn’t as well made as the Club one either. HTH :slight_smile:

Having both which would you say was the best?
Any seat will be an improvement on my current uni, it has a weird banana seat which I’ve not seen on any other uni lol

Club :slight_smile:
Customer service at Stockton-on-Tees is FAB :smiley:

Then you’ll be wanting a 26” muni and then a 29” or 36” to ‘‘ride the lights’’

You know You Can Never Have Too Many Unicycles :smiley:

My first uni had a banana seat. I had to put red tape on the front so I knew which way was forwards as the pedals kept coming off. It’s got lollipop cranks and the guy in the b*ke shop in Chester must have laughing his head off when he sold it me. I could have got a Club uni for much less but I didn’t know about 3 years ago.

Enjoy, and this thread is useless without pics :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha sounds like mine, although luckily it was only 40 quid and for the pounding it’s taken over the years it’s done well

I know I will probably get more lol but I do want to just keep one for as long as possible

I like unicycling more as a fun way to keep fit, dont think I’ll ever go on some of the intense rides I see people going on here

Ah, if I had a nickle for everytime someone said something like that… :roll_eyes:

If you stay w/ unicycling you prob will end up w/ a bunch of unis of all types, but if budget is an issue you want to do it smartly. I’d save my money and get the best I could afford of my favorite riding style.

If you don’t know what that is yet (watching lots of vids helps), you can’t go wrong w/ a club for basic riding and learning some tricks, or similar uni. True the ISIS cranks/hub on the Indy might not actually be that strong, and the rest of the uni could be crap.

Taller people tend to prefer larger unis, so abcd, if you havn’t gotten one yet, consider a 24.

  • 20 better maneuverability, slightly easier to ride and mount for most, most tricks are easier, good for light trials.
  • 24 better cruising, faster, roles over bumps better so good for light Muni

Went for the Indy in the end and am very happy with it
Have no problems with the seats and the overall quality seems pretty good

So much nicer having a uni at the right height loads easier to ride and learn new stuff

Good for you! Please tell us if anything breaks, I’m kind of curious as to what kind of quality it is.

Yeah sure will do. Am loving it so far though. Had a few hardish drops and all good
Only time will tell