need help

I’ve been riding a unicycle for about 2 years now and I just recently got the ability to get up everytime without holding on to anything. My next step is to learn how to stay in one spot by going back and forth. When i do this where should my pedals be (should they be in the middle of the wheel with both pedals even with each other or should one be at the bottom and the other at the top)? Also would it help if i learned to go backwards first?

There is about a gazillion threads about Idling. What you are asking about is called ‘Idling’. A search of the forum will bring up plenty of reading on the topic. Also look on youtube and you can find videos to help you get the idea.

When Idling one pedal will be down at the bottom (6:00) and the other up (12:00). About 90% of your weight will be on the lower pedal and that pedal will do 90% of the work.

Some people learn riding backwards first and other Idling first. Each one helps the other. So best is probably to practice both.

thanks you’ve been very helpful