Need Help!

Ok so I have started unicycling and I’ve heard some mixed remarks about unicycle seat height. Firstly I want to ride my unicycle to school and skate parks, do jumps, trials, tricks, do some stuff like this:

so I was wondering if My seat height is good:

I was higher before(almost straight leg), but I have read that smaller is better for ‘‘trials’’

A higher seat is best for learning to ride, and works well for most basic tricks. When you start jumping, dropping and doing other stuff where your legs need to compress, lowering the seat can help a lot.

If you’re still learning to ride and learning the basics, keep the seat high for now, your knees and leg muscles will thank you. When you start doing anything beyond 6" high or so, then it’s time to start experimenting with lower seat heights. Lower is also better for riding on rough terrain. Otherwise, hitting big bumps with your pedal at the bottom can get ugly!

@ John

I have started unicicling 1week ago, I can now ride for quite a bit. I am now wanting to do tricks and hops and more. By the looks of the picture is this an appropriate height? is it too low?

Your seat height in the photos is too low for comfortable learning and general riding. Also your foot is centered on the pedal; the best position is with the ball of your foot centered over the pedal.

Note that you appear to have a 24" wheel of ordinary width. The riders in your sample video are riding 19" wheels with wide tires (high volume). Be nice to your unicycle and it will last a long time, but it won’t last a really long time doing that stuff. However as a beginner there’s tons of stuff you can do with that wheel, and don’t let anyone tell you 24" is too big. It’s big for some tricks but better for others.

For now I’d recommend raising your seat, probably a good 2" or so. Unless you’re going straight to lots of hopping stuff.

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I dunno why but i find riding with a seat height like yours a lot easier than with a high seat. Any lower than that and i get lower back pain. So i suggest just experiment with different heights and see what you like best.

Just try different heights, I started low, then I rode super high, then returned super low last summer, and now I super high again! It’s just a preference, now I like to ride high way more, and I dont want to go lower anymore. well, maybe because I strip my seatpost clamp bolt all the time… But I think now it’s the perfect height.