Need help with "Unicyclists Around the World" registration

Help anyone? I’ve registered on this web site:

Like most websites, you register and then confirm your registration by clicking a link on an email the website sends you. I’ve registered but not received the confirmation email after several weeks. I can edit my info but my listing does not show up on the site, obviously since I wasn’t able to confirm the registration.

Does anyone have contact info for someone that could assist me in completing my listing? I’m tryin to get my name on there so I can meet unicyclists close to me.

Any chance it got filtered out as spam? Is there a junk mail folder you can check?


Good idea but no luck there. I can add that the web page I mentioned stems from this page:

Going to it reveals Kevin “Gilby” Gilbertson as the webmaster. Unfortunately that website states it was last updated in 2006. I obviously don’t know Mr. Gilbertson but he deserves credit for starting something very cool for the unicycling community. Life has probably stepped in and distracted him from this project.

Perhaps someone that knows Kevin Gilbertson could try to resurrect the site…

Yeah, I’ve tried several times since about April of May, but my listing hasn’t show up either.

It’s been dead for a long time.

I think that’s one of the remaining parts of the “original”, created by Beirne Konarski. Gilby is doing just fine with this site though…