Need help with unicycle purchase

I’m looking to buy a new unicycle, but I’m not really knowledgeable about what is the best thing to get. I would mostly use it for going around the town, but I would probably doing some off road stuff, although probably not much more than bumpy/rocky trails and such. I was considering getting the Kris Holm 29-inch Mountain Unicycle 2007, because I know it is respected for its quality, but since I am a more casual rider, and will mostly be using it on pavement, I was reconsidering if I needed to spend that much money. I want to get something with a big wheel (at least 29 inches), but I will also probably be doing a bit of simple mountain unicycling, so I want to get something that would work for that as well. I am on a strict budget, so I want to get something for as cheap as possible, but I don’t want to sacrifice reliability. Please advise me in this decision.

well in your case a 29er is probably the way to go and I think you’re right about not needing a kh if you’re just going around the town. If you’re only doing very light muni then I would recommend this- other than that I could find any other splined 29ers except the kris holm. I hope this helped and good luck.

what if you go for a 26" uni??

Incase you didn’t read what he typed, he doesn’t want anything smaller than a 29er.

you would want something with the Kris Holm 29" rim and the Kris Holm fusion freeride saddle.


You might also be interested in the Torker AX 29"–it’s got an aluminum frame and is probably lighter than the Nimbus. Plus, it’s only $199. It won’t hold up to hard muni, I’m sure, but Torker’s are generally regarded as solid unis.

i agree with pkittle go with the AX. If it breaks, then just get a splined wheelset (i doubt u’ll break the frame seat or post with “light muni”)

the nimbus 29" looks good too.

What kinda seat come on the AX? is it like an LX/Myata or a DX/KH/velo seat?

it comes with LX/Myata seat, which won’t be any good for long distance riding. The only problem with Torkers is that they use a different Bearing to Bearing width, so if you do break the axle or something of that nature, your only option is to build up a wheel on a Suzue hub…which is square tapered. There isn’t an aftermarket splined hub that will fit the Torker frames (except maybe the DX). Another thing is that you don’t have clearance for a knobby tire on the AX if you wanted to put one on there. If you don’t do any drops or anything serious, the AX should serve you well. But if you plan on getting more and more into riding offroad or wanting more variety in tire size, I would go with a Nimbus. I just built up a Nimbus Muni for a grand total of $162. Had I not provided seat, seatpost, and pedals it would have costed more (prolly somewhere around $215).

With this build up, I used a 29" Nimbus X Frame ( have loads of tire clearance and put on a 24" wheel and beefy tire, but I have the option of putting a larger wheel on when I get the money together. If you are good with your hands, you might want to consider building up a Uni custom.

Id get the 26" KH and yes i did read other posts in this thread but i still think you should get that if not a 24". Theres really no point in getting much bigger than a 26" because what would you use it for it would be to big to do much jumping on and a 24" handles muni fine and goes fast enough. Get the 24" or if you insist on getting a bigger wheel get the 26" at most.

i’m sure its a mistake but i tmakes it hard to understand ur post timbob
KH doesnt make a 26"

I would just recommend going for a cheapish 29", a torker AX would do just change the seatpost and seat, but then you might as well buy
the nimbus touring 29", it looks very nice.

oops my bad…sorry about that. Im not really into muni very much (although it is extremely fun) so i didnt notice that they didnt have that size and when i get a muni its definitally going to be a 24" so i didnt really pay attention to the larger sizes. Then id just go with the 24" KH but if you really want a 29" go for it.