need help with two things (soz for bad title)

num 1. i went to the skate park the other day and this kids mother saw me on my uni and reffered me to her bro in law who owns sum act called "the flying lombahs"and said that he would want a video of me doing my stuff on a uni any suggestions as to what music and tricks apart from a uni spin to put in there?(im thinking a little jimmy eat world but im open to suggestions

num 2. i get chaffing on only one side of my body any ideas as to what could be happening and how to stop it?

could u be applying to much pressure on that side of ur leg to the uni?

maybe theres a seam thats not on the other side

couldn’t be that i own a Velo seat and the chaffing is around my groin

and sorry for double posting

i was talking about a seam in your pants

ok sorry

that also isnt the case cause i wear bike pants

You could ride in a way that favors one leg over the other and you tilt slightly on the seat. You could be more heavily muscled in one leg than the other. The seat itself could be slightly misshapen. You could be a sissy.

I thought your thread title was pretty good.

Edit: I put your repeat thread in the trash receptacle.

yeah i think thats it
and thx for putting that repeat in the trash

Find out as much as you can about the video. Once you know what kind of production it’s going to be, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of unicycling will fit into the overall style of the video.
Do you have to shoot and edit a sequence and present him with 2/3 minutes of ‘finished product’ or will he come and film you and do the editing himself?
I google for the ‘flying lombahs’ but found nothing.
Can you check the spelling on that and get back to me?

The chaffing is most likely an alignment issue. You know how people quite aften ask about always ‘drifting’ in one direction while they’re riding?
I think this is something similar and will probably go away in time.
Make sure everything on your uni is straight, seat, wheel, axle and that neither of your cranks are bent. Also check your pedals. If everything on the uni is straight, then it’s caused by something in your riding style and that is something that can be sorted out with practise.