need help with triples and trey doubles


I’m having loads of trouble with triples and I get frustrated easily. I’ve landed about 10 before but with the exception that I was riding in the rain which made the pedals super slippery and I was able to flip easier. So I was trying them yesterday, and I just can’t seem to get that snap if it isn’t wet. If I try too my foot ends up attaching it self to the pedal. You can see what I mean by looking at my “Today I almost landed” video.

Trey doubles I haven’t practiced much, but is there any technique to this? Should I be completing a regular treyflip in mid air then allowing the unicycle more time to flip another revolution? The force of the flips also prevent me from spinning the unicycle 180 degrees unless I grab the unicycle seat half way through the spin with my other hand if any of this makes sense. Tips?

Help appreciated.

Well for triples, I think you’re riding too fast into them and not snapping. Ride at a regular pace, and instead of “pulling” with your foot, try to snap down as hard as you physically can. Another technique that has really helped me is to pivot 45 degrees into my flips. Ride up, and a half rev before, pivot towards your front pedal, and flip the cranks while they’re just slightly past vertical. You’ll get a good snap.

As for treydubs… I have always kind of done like a hickflip-hickflip in one jump. If that makes any sense. Like the first half is all front hand, the second half is all back hand (which regrabs the seat). I also keep my front hand on the whole time, which I don’t consider to be a particularly good thing… I broke my thumb doing that. Maybe it’s better to pull your hand away after the exchange, but make sure you’re not throwing the unicycle so at any point both hands are off the seat. They’ll be almost impossible to control. Also, keep in mind that the pivot applies to ANY flip trick. If you need to get more snap, pivot into it.

That’s about all I’ve got…

edit: To reiterate what I meant by “pulling”… It’s like you’re keeping your front foot on the pedal until half the revolution is completed, then your foot comes forward with the pedal. Like you’re pushing it down and then pulling it around for the rest of the flip.

re-edit: Ok, so I just watched your almost landed video. And I see now that you’re not pulling the pedal. You’re just not quite getting the snap…

re-re-edit: Sometimes you jump before the unicycle. The two of you have to come up at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you have covered everything. I will defs try this pivot technique and also snapping them when the cranks are vertical(ish)…face-palm why didn’t I think of that. I did it with my double backs but I didn’t think of doing it with my triples. I also see what you mean that I am jumping before the unicycle, that would probably explain why my foot is attaching itself to the pedal and/or I’m not getting enough flip or I end up jumping too far infront of the uni.

I will definitely try out all the tips. Thanks! :wink:

edit: can you link me too a vid of you doing the pivot/a triple?

How do you guys get this “snap” thing? Right now when I flip I ride up and put pressure on my front foot and like leave my foot down for a fraction of a second while I jump and pull up and it flips. But I want to learn doubles so…

Edit: Unless I’m doing it right already and I just need to practice more, which is probably likely :P.

With ‘snap’ I think of it as if my front foot is the throttle, and my back foot the brake…

You need as much force as you can possibly get on your front foot, so that when you slip your back foot off, and let that force turn into a massive flip :stuck_out_tongue:

As Eli said you can turn into it a bit, i turn into mine away from my front foot, so i guess it depends on your stance.

You’ll also need to pull up as hard as you can… Working on the same principle as Shaun J’s 720 tutorial

Snappy flip= smaller jump
Non snappy flip = Big jump

When you combine a big jump with a snappy flip, that’s when you should make progress.

I hope that made sense, i’ve only just woken up :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you try and Re-explain Pivot? is that just before you flip, you turn into your flip like 45 degrees, kinda like going for a 180 flip, but only going to 45, then turning back to normal? i’m intrigued.

I’m pretty sure the 45 degrees pivot is just before the flip, I tried that for doubles and it flipped better. I should try again maybe I could land it:p Also, Hugo told me the same thing about the pivot when he saw my trying doubles. I can’t get the snap though…

Jason Auld Likes This.

Defo start off with two hands. I personally think the snap is more important than the jump, but that’s just me.

This is the way I learnt. Get double flips with two hands after 4 revs, then 3 revs, then 2 revs, then 1 rev, then static. If you’ve mastered that, try the triple. Some people suggest doing it off a curb, my advice would be just keep at it. In my opinion, you just need to let your body get used to it. Your body will get stronger and your mind will get used to performing the trick, so just keep practising.


I can double after 1 rev (with 1 hand) but I haven’t really bothered to try it with 2-hands because I don’t need too but if that will help me triple I will try it. I’ve never done a static double though. I think you make a really good point about learning that.


heres a double with the pivot, it really helps me get that “snap” and its something that you just have to feel really

:54 is a perfect example of it, and was also what gave me the idea to try it. Krisz does it with ALL of his flips, so if you watch some of his more recent videos you will see it with treyquads, fifthdoubles, hickquints…

The pivot even works for spins (assuming you spin towards your front foot, which you do). I always pivot into blind spins :stuck_out_tongue:

TRIPLE!!! WOOOOOOO!!! Thanks everyone. I got it on film in Full HD 1080p and fish eye. It looks so mad. The main tips that helped me were ride at a slower/steady pace instead of riding fast like I used too and flipping when the cranks are vertical-ish although I did not do the pivot thing. Thanks heeps Eli B, Jason Auld, simonb, Jagster (for filming with awesome camera) and anyone else I missed.


Now its just trey doubles left! :smiley:

The triple in that has a good pivot ^^

And nice one Brandon!! I’m Simon Berry by the way :slight_smile: hence ‘simonb’

Thanks and soz, your name was on the tip of my tongue and I’ve seen a few of your videos but I just couldn’t remember :o

That could take a while, I think I might skip it and focus on a 100cm rolling hop.