Need help with stuff :D

hey, i’m new to unicycling (i started about a year ago) and i need some help with things. i can go on my unicycle anywhere i want pretty much but i’m working on these:

going backwards
jumping (i can get about 4-5 in. off the ground)
up stairs
down stairs w/ out railing

if you can give me any tips with any of these things it would be terrific. thankies!



practice more, you’ll get stronger/better at it

practice jumping more, and then, when you think you’ve got it down, jump up some curbs…you can probably do it…you can usually jump a lot higher if you actually have a target

like rolling hops? static hops? eh?

rolling hops

for rolling hops down stairs, you want to make sure your pedal are in the right position when your gonna jump, so ride up to the point where you will jump off, then ride backwards until you have a good run, then just go for it, or you can do a 180 hoptwis, ride to a spot, hop back around, then ride at it.

Start with 2 stairs, then 3, then four, and keep going up.

For idling, just go up to a rail, and hold onto, then start to idle, get used to it, and rely less and less on the rail, soon you’ll be able to be riding, stop and idle, and ride off, practice with each foot down, and keep extending how long you can idle.

Going backwards, you pretty much just have to relearn to uni, but going the opposite way, start by riding, then stop, lean back a little and start pedaling backwards, or start off facing a wall, then push off, you’ll progress slowly but surly, just like when you were learning to ride fowards =p

Jumping, for static seat in hops, try not to pogo around as much, but hop, then only hop again to get to the place your hopping on, or to correct your balance, you don’t wanna just sit there and hop like a crazy lunatic on a pogo stick, with a lower eat you can hop higher cause you can pull the seat up higher when you hop, also try to compress your tyre and then jump, or pre hop, that can add another few inches to your height

-theres also rolling hop, pretty much the same as a static hop, so if you can static hop onto something, most likely you’ll be able to roll hop onto it, just ride at the object, and jump when your pedals and you are in the right position, you kinda wanna whip your seat infront of you when you do to get better height and distance, it just takes time to get used to it

-then there is Seat in Front hopping, SIF, you take the seat out from under you, and hold it pretty close, or right up to where ever your seat comes up to, then when you jump, you tuck in, by pulling the seat to your stomach\chest area, adding a lot of height to your jumps, compressing and pre hops also helps too =p

Once you can jump around, stairs are easy, you can either rolling hop up them, or static hop up, start with one stair, then hop up two, then 3, and so on and so on

Hope you can make sense of all that =p

thank you SOO much. today i static hopped down a couple of stairs which was nice and i can idle a little.