need help with spins

i own a 20"x1.75 unicycle(not sure wat brand ) and i can only achieve a 90* spin .Is it my lack of experiance or my uni’s fault or a bit of both (yay first thread)

Spins are an intermediate level freestyle skill. It’s a level 6 skill in the 10 skill levels. There are some hints and tips for spins here.

Spins are a bit tricky. You need to be smooth. Your pedaling needs to be smooth and your balance needs to be precise. Lack of smoothness will cause the spin to fall apart. If you get too aggressive with balance corrections during the spin the spin will fall apart.

First thing is learning how to do a smooth turn with no action-reaction movements. Learn how to keep the pedaling smooth throughout the entire turn (no sudden changes in pedaling speed or pressure on the pedals).

Once you can do wide turns smoothly then work on tightening up the turn till it becomes a spin.

Riding on a smooth surface like a gym floor will make it easier.